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Hi friends. This is Bharathi from Hyderabad. There was a on campus interview of Infosys in our college. I would like to share my experience with u. 
Around 350 students from our college attended this,out of which 51 students were short listed for interview. Finally 38 students were selected n i was one among them.
I am giving you the information which i think will be really useful for u. 


It consists of two sections.
1.Analytical and Logical reasoning(30 Questions--40 min)
2.Verbal(40 Questions--35min)

Cutoff will be like 60% for the first section and 50% for the second section. There is a sectional cutoff frns so u need to perform well in both the sections.
Before the written test starts, we ll be asked to fill an application form of infy n frns fill it carefully. 

1. Analytical and Logical reasoning
5 q's on arithemetic reasoning(easy)
5 q's on series completion(figures)
5 q's on data sufficiency
5 q's on data interpretation(tough)
5 q's on syllogism(practise using figures)
5 q's on puzzle test(R.S Agarwal is sufficient for this section-- very easy)

Time management is an imp factor friends so manage the time properly. Don't get tensed.
practice the above topics from these books
1.R.s Agarwal

2. Verbal
Friends be perfect in basics n prepare any grammar book then u can do it very easily.
2 big RC's will be given but the q's are very direct, u can easily get the ans. (10 marks)
sentence correction (10 marks)
fill with appropriate word (10 marks)
Theme Detection (10 marks)
Don't start with RC's frns do them at last. 
Do not waste even one min looking here and there coz that one min costs a loooooooot.
Finally we had to wait for two hours and then results were declared n i was short listed.
Believe me frns i could do only one passage and time was not sufficient for both the sections. whatever u do, do it perfectly.

At 5'o clock i was asked to go for the interview. Frns now my bad time started. Hr was not cool n he was a bit aged. He interviewed me for 30min. 
My interview was like this:
ME: Excuse me sir
HR: yes.
ME: Good evening sir
HR: Good evening
HR: have ur seat
ME: Thanku sir
HR: so u r Bharathi
ME: yes sir
HR: Ur native?
ME: Hyd sir
HR: okk, tell me something about HYD for 2 min
ME: told
Hr: Interrupted me asking some q's
ME: ans with smile
HR: OK.. Tell me about INDIA?
ME: answered
Hr: Who ruled India
ME: Answered
HR: i m not satisfied
ME: told something more
HR: Ok, what r ur hobbies?
ME: answered
HR: which music channel do u see
ME: answered
HR: Do u listen to radio songs
Me: sometimes sir
HR: tell me some of them
ME: answering (Interrupted asking me many q's)
HR: any paper pres?
ME: yes sir
HR: q's on Paper Pres
ME: answered
HR: what is mock int??(as i wrote about mock int in extra curricular activities in my CV) 
ME: ans
HR: then y mock int
ME: Ans
HR: what q's did they ask u in the mock?
ME: told some of them
HR: ok fine.. What is ur father?
ME: TOLD(business)
HR: what business?
ME: steel business sir
HR: where?
ME: Answered
HR: do u help ur father
ME: s sir sometimes
HR: what is the cost of a steel bucket
ME: Immediately.. it depends on size sir 100 and 50 depending on its size
HR: ur brother?
ME: ans
HR: does he help ur father?
ME: yes sir
HR: Rate urself on a scale of 1 to 10
ME: 6 sir
HR: how 6. i was expecting only 3. ok tell me how do u give 6 points for ur self. 
ME: ans
HR: satisfied.. Any extra curricular activities Other than Paper pres
ME: told some of them 
HR: No. i m not satisfied. ur frns were telling great about themselves but u dont have any good qualities in u
ME: Disappointed. But Convinced him
HR: so any proj
ME: yes sir
HR: other than proj did u do any thing great in ur coll
ME: no sir
HR: R u frm CSE background
ME: yes sir
HR: How do update ur self in comp knowledge
ME: answered
HR: ok how good r u at puzzles
ME: ok sir
HR: did ur frns tell u about the puzzles asking in the int??
ME: No sir
HR: Why??
HR: gave a puzzle to solve.
ME: i gave him my exp thats it. i couldnt solve it.
HR: okk. gave me a situation to solve
ME: ans 
HR: any q's
ME: asked one q
HR: I ll not ans ur q, first u have to be in infosys to ans this q
ME: I was almost in tears
HR: any other q
ME: no sir
HR: ok u may go now
ME: THANKU SIR. I was almost in tears coz of interview. 

At last we waited for an hour n i was too much tensed that i'll be surely rejected..
But friends finally i was selected due to gods grace and was very much happyyyyyy. 

believe me frns, once u r selected in aptitude u r half into the company, u need to impress the interviewer that's it then u'll be surely selected.. 
Please don't bluff, be yourself, and stay cool, even if the interviewer talks to u harshly, ans with smile that's it. this is my sincere suggestion.

All the best n Bye friends.. see u in infosys.