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Today Infosys visited our place for an open campus interview. The interview procedure consisted of an aptitude test followed by HR interview.
About 800+ students appeared for the aptitude. Although the paper was easy, the cut-off was very high.

Aptitude test involved two sections:
English section:
Consisted of two lengthy passages and questions like choose best alternative for underlined part, synonyms, antonyms etc.
Logical Reasoning section:
Consisted of general logical questions and maths (R. S. Agrawal) questions

Only 45 candidates were short listed for HRI.

My Personal Interview:
Something i must say before proceeding further: The students who underwent HRI before me said that the interviewer is friendly and makes you feel at home etc.
That was entirely false in my case.
My interviewer was a strict-looking person. He, by no means, made me feel friendly or at home.
Anyways, when i entered, he first asked me to tell me about myself and also said me to speak non-stop for five minutes (this was strange!!!).
I spoke.
Then he began with my hobbies. Make sure you have complete knowledge about your hobbies. We discussed my hobbies for the next twenty minutes.
Then he gave me the following puzzle:
You are standing in a room. A bulb is hanging from the ceiling and it is touching your head. So, find the height of the room. You are provided with no measuring instruments.
Remember solving the puzzle is not important. What matters is your approach to solve the puzzle.
He gave me a paper and told me to write it down whatever i was thinking while solving the puzzle. (this, again, was strange!!!).
Finally, he asked me ,"What, according to you, is the temperature of city right now?" (this, yet again, was strange!!!)
I answered my assumption.
Lastly, he told me to leave off.

Finally, the list of selectees was announced. Fortunately, my name was enlisted. Out of 45 students who appeared for HRI, 40 were selected.

For our batch, this year, Infy was the first company which arrived for campus recruitment.
I consider myself lucky to be selected in a company like Infosys and to be a part of the lot of the first-placed-students from our batch.
My suggestion is that once u crack d apti, "BE COOL" for the interview. Just stay calm n cool n you'll get through the PI too. Good luck. See u at Infy soon.