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Hi All, Infosys visited our campus on June 24th.First of all there was a presentation followed by test & Interview.
Following are the details:
Test – 2 sections
1. Aptitude:
a)      5 ques on cubes & dices
b)      5 ques on Data Interpretation
c)      5 ques on Data Sufficiency
d)      5 ques on syllogism
e)      5 ques on inserting the correct figure
Tip- prepare all these topics from rs aggarwal. Some ques were direct examples from this book.

I think that this part does not need any preparation. It was general. It consisted of:
a) 2 Rcs
b) Some sentence correction ques
c) Filling the right word
d) idioms

Rest I don’t remember

Next was the interview. I face2 interviewers n it was very cool interview. They ask general questions only
a) Diff b/w IT & CSE stream
b)Which news paper u read? I answered The Tribune, den he asked y this y not Times of India.
C) Latest news about 1 week old?
c) About my project
d) Ques on hobbies & Interests Etc

Tip: Just be confident n calm. Know yourself well n don’t bluff