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Hi friends,

It was an awesome experience to get selected on the very 1st attempt in an on-campus interview of infosys. The written part was a bit tough owing to the constraint of time limit,but believe me friends, once the written part is cleared ,the PI of infy is just a cakewalk.

The written part consists of 2 parts:
1.REASONING:    (30 ques.,  40 mins)

For reasoning part, take up R S AGGARWAL book and solve the following chapters;
blood relations
data sufficency(follow M TYRA)
data interpretation(follow M TYRA)
cubes,dice,and venn digrams
puzzle test

but be prepared to overcome the constraint of time limit. Its not possible to solve all the ques correctly within the stipulated time but u hav to go for maximum correct ans..One more advice:"Go for wise guesses not wild guesses

2.ENGLISH:    (40 ques,  30 mins)

If u r from a CBSE affiliated school, then u shuldnt have any problems in the english part otherwise follow the rs aggarwal text book for english.

Ques are:
1. 2 Passages(5 ques frm each passge).
2.  error detection in sentences.
3.  fill up the blanks.
5. arranging of sentences.

Frankly speaking friends,i didnt prepare anything for the english part.But one advise :"Dont go for the passage first, start ur attempt from ques 11 to 40. ".These ques r damn easy and can be solved in about 20 mins.. T hen go for the passges.

One important thing to be noted:  There is no technical round in infy.Also u need not prepare any quantitative aptitude fr infy. Then coming to the PI part:  Ques are very easy.But u need to be very confident in ur answers.and u should have good communication skills.

1st ques asked was: y u want to join infosys?
2:then a few puzzles lik:   8 monkeys eat 8 bananas in 8 mins---how many monkeys eat 6 bananas in 6 mins?
3. y iron gets heated earlier than wood?
4. a few ques on hobbies:
5. some political or general knowlege ques lik:    wts d name of the congress allied govt.?
6. name of IT minister.

PI is generally of 15-20 mins.

Then i waited for the result till 9.30. and then my joy knew no bounds when i found myself to be a part of IT brand"INFOSYS".

Subha Shankar Singh