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Hi guys and girls my name is AMAR  from P.B. College Of Engg .Now I am Proud to say that "I AM INFOCION ".
I had attended INFOSYS off campus interview on March 4th and 5th at ANNA UNIVERSITY.

On March 4th myself and few of my friends attended gathered at ANNA UNIVERSITY for INFOSYS off-campus.At 10 clock HR from INFOSYS Has delivered a Pre-placement talk about the campany for period of nearly 30 Minutes.Then we all are sent for the written test .

Written test consists of mainly two flavours:
a) Logical Reasoning(30Q,40min)
b) Verbal section(40Q,30 min).

Flavour (a)
The books and contents which are preferred to study is R.S Agarwal- Verbal and non-verbal reasoning,
Chap- blood relations, logic deductions, puzzle test, data sufficiency, conclusions from passages,odd    man out,  data interpretation etc.

Flavour (b) :
one of the best book is wren and martin. for verbal section no need to prepare also much if ur good in English. Mainly consists of
2 long passages(reading comprehension)
Sentence correction.
Deriving inferences from passages.
Selecting the appropriate sentence.
1) Do it fast...
2) Attempt the ques which u know the first.
3)Do ques of puzzle test at the end.

They will distribute the flavour(a) paper first for 40 minutes then they will take back the first paper and then they distributes the second flavour. We had completed at nearly 11:20 and we came out.Nearly at 4:00 they had announced  the result and by the Gods grace I had cleared the written. Three members including my college out of 16 got cleared the written test. The shortlisted candidates are asked to come on next day on March 5th.

All HR people has arrived slowly at 9:00 and at 9:30 the HR round has started. I was interviewed by a Female HR, she was very co-operative and she asked me the following questions.
1)Tell me something interesting about u with an example?
2)Wat r the books u have prepared for infosys?
3)Wat about ur role in team work?
4)Wat r the important things in teamwork?
5)Wat is the toughest situation in ur life?
6)One puzzle(They may ask or may not)?
7)Will u work in any shifts and anywhere?
Thats it while leaving she said we will be sending u mail with in three weeks so keep checking ur mailbox.So at that time i came to know that i cleared INFOSYS.
At nearly 4:00 they announced the result and at that iam very happy to listen my name  in the shortlisted candidates.At that moment we r at peak of Mount Everest

So keep cool thru the interview process and keep confident and especially u have to speek fluent english.Sure u can clear the "INFOSYS".
See u all at "INFOSYS".