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hai friends,
As u all know the pattern has changed in infosys and there were two stages one is apti not like usual apti but having cat pattern let me tell u

1.puzzle(in R.S.aggrawal)easy
2.odd man out(picture) sufficiency(somewhat easy)
4.syllogism(but with 4 to 5 conclusion given and to find which combination will be logically correct)

then in verbal
2 reading comprehension(one was easy)
2.sentence correction(easy)
3.fill in a suitable verb

for eg: a man has to cross a bridge he has a cat,dog and a fish. he can take only one with them when he cross the bridge if he take the fish the cat and dog will fight and if he take dog the cat will eat the fish so how will he take everyone with him.
ans : first takes the cat then dog then fish

in our coll we are 250 participated and in that 83 where selected. do well in both verbal and mental ability.they said some had done well in mental ability but not in verbal and they were rejected. so read some GRE books for verbal.

we wrote the test at 11.30 and finished by 12.45. results were announced at 5.30pm.

next day we had HR interview(no technical)
he asked about me to introduce myself then asked about the communication system used from past to present.
he asked about technologies used in mobile(only names)
gave me a puzzle very easy(he helped me to solve the puzzle)
and he asked me any questions and then he said ok u can go.

results were announced at 1.30pm. be cool in the interview and u can surely make it through infosys. all the best to all wishing to join infosys
meet u all in infosys