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i could recall 90% of the ques first note down which chapters u hav to read from RS
1.Data Sufficiency
2.Data Interpretation (frm quant bk or any Cat material)
3.Series questions(very easy do series and analogy frm part 3 of RS verbal wali)
4.logical puzzles
5.Cubes and dice
6.Logical venn diag(i think he one in RS agrwal is faulty so if u can refer CAT material plz do)
7.Ranking and time sequence test
8.Puzzle test
9.Blood relns
10.Logic(just first chpter)
11.Deriviing conclusions from passages

here's my paper
10 ques on puzzles meaning two ques were puzzles with five parts each
1st puzzle was
There are 4 sisters S,T,U,V arranged in age sequence is S is oldest and T is youngest.they play sum gambling game.If anybody loses then she has to distribute her money in such a way that the remaining 3 sisters have double their money ie if 3 sisters have 10 rs each afterthe loss of one sister they will have 20 rs.after 4 rounds each has 32 rs each. the ques were like who has max money.who has min money and etc sbody told me u an find this type of ques in shakuntala
2nd puzzle was easy
there were 8 persons and there had to be seated in a circular table
there were various conditions like a is adjacent to C . c and e can naver be ogther etc
if u arrange the condns u will easily find the ans
they had 5 linked ques like who was sitting next to a etc.

there were 5 ques on syllogism
try it by solving frm the options find the ans more easily.
pattern of syllogism is CAt wala
six sentences.Find 3 that are logicaly related
eg All C are A .all A are B therfore all C are B is logically related

5 ques on data interpretation very easy pie chart with all the details
figure although they r tricky
eg A has a sales of 10% and B has a sales of 32%. How much is B's increase over A
Ans is 137% and not 22%

5ques on analogy
figure waale ques very easy no preparn required...just hv a look at the egs.

5 ques on data sufficiency
refer to Cat material if u can else RS will also do
very easy ques.

these were all the 30 ques on apti
now english section will be very basic ie they will just chek ur fundamentals of grammar and readinf..actually that is were most students faulter as they hv sectional cutoffs in aoti and eng sections

2 comprehensions
5 ques each=10 ques
5 ques on senetence completion.
they will giv u a sentence half filled and u hav to choose the correct option that wud complete the sentence

5 ques on grammar
choose the option that is gramatically correct frm 5 options.

5 ques on error detection underline words main error rectify 

5 ques on inferential reasining..
small passage .choose the correct inference frm 5 inferences

Take my advice  never take a full attempt as there is no -ve marks
English mein there are 40 ques 30 min
i guess around 30 wud be gud score in eng
and 20 wud be gud in apti

sum guyz will spread the shit tht there is just 50% cutoff (i.e in 15 in apti and 20 in eng)..dont listen to all tht nonsense

All the best