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Indian-Army Question-Paper

                                             Indian Army Written Test Paper

Indian Army – Territorial Army Officers Previous Paper


                                                         Part-I (Essay)

Q1. Write an essay in about 300 words on any one of the topics mentioned below.
(a) What are the salient features of India’s Foreign Policy?
(b) What is “Inflation”? What is the impact of High Inflation on the economy and List out the measures to tackle Inflation?
(c) Explain “Energy Security”? What is the current status of India’s Energy Security and what are the challenges being faced by the country in this regard?
(d) Describe the salient features of MGNREGA.
(e) Describe the salient features of LOKPAL BILL?

                                            Part II: English Comprehension

English Language

In this section, you have one short passage. After each passage, you will find several questions based on the passage. First, read a passage and then answer the question based on the passage.

Passage I

Anxiety and conscience is a pair of powerful dynamos. Of course, I can only speak for myself: Between them, they have ensured that one shall work hard, but they cannot ensure that one shall work at anything worthwhile. They are blind forces which drive but do not direct. Fortunately, I have also been moved by a third motive –the wish to see and understand. Curiosity is another motive for action. It is also one of the distinctive characteristics of human nature and contrasted with the natures of non-human animals. All humans have curiosity in some degree and we also all have it about things which are of no practical use. Curiosity may be focused on anything in the universe, but the spiritual reality of the phenomena should be the ultimate objective of all curiosity for it to be fruitful. Thanks to my mother my approach to this ultimate objective is through the story of human affairs.

Q1. What is the main objective of this passage?
(a)Distinguish between human beings and animals
(b)Project curiosity as a potent motivating factor
(c)Project anxiety and conscience as inadequate motivators
(d)Motivation and spiritual reality

Q2. A characteristics peculiar to human beings that is referred to is
(a)Superior intelligence
(b)Spirit of inquiry
(c)Capacity to rationalize and analyse
(d)Ability to sift the practical from the impractical

Q3. Which of the following statements is true according to the passage?
(a)Animals are as curious as human beings
(b)Curiosity is the only motive for action
(c)People motivated by curiosity do not need other motives to guide them
(d)People motivated by anxiety and conscience alone can be misdirected

Q4. According to the author
(a)Those who have little curiosity are curious about unimportant things.
(b)Apart from humans no other no other living beings have the gift of curiosity
(c)The highest form of curiosity can be satisfied by study of human affairs alone
(d)Spiritual reality is the ultimate goal of humans through action

Q5. The author subscribes to the view
(a)One’s curiosity should focus beyond the façade on the latent meaning of things
(b)Curiosity in an inherent family characteristic.
(c)A study of human affairs is the most effective method of satisfying one’s curiosity
(d)In order to motivate, curiosity must be coupled with anxiety and conscience.

Each of these questions consists of a word in CAPITAL letters followed by four choices. Select the word with the most similar meaning

(b) Tarried
(c) Gruesome
(d) Pleasing

(b) Eschew
(c) Action
(d) Character

(b) Ornament
(c) Spectacles
(d) Order

(b) Pretend
(c) Deserve
(d) Attend

(a) Attack
(b) Accept
(c) Case
(d) Evaluate

Section - II - General Awareness

Q1.The first Muslim ruler who introduced a standing army was:-
(a) Al-ud-din-khilji 
(b) Iltutmish 
(c) Balban 
(d) Firozshah Tughlaq

Q2.The Godwith three heads and horns, surrounding by animals, represented on a seal from Mohen-jo-Daro is said to be:-
(a) Indra 
(b) Varuna
(c) Vishnu 
(d) Pasupati 

Q3. Whose reign has been called the ’Golden Age of the Mughals’?
(a) Shah Jahan 
(b) Akbar 
(c) Jahangir 
(d) Aurangzeb

Q4. The upheaval of 1857 was first described as the war of independence by:-
(a) Jawaharlal Nehru 
(b) Bal Gangadhar Tilak 
(c) V D Savarkar 
(d) Lala Lajpat Rai 

Q5. Jhansi was annexed to the British Indian territory in 1854 under the:-
(a) Subsidiary Alliance 
(b) Mutual Agreement 
(c) Passage of a separate Charter 
(d) Doctrine of Lapse 

Q6. ‘Patriotism is religion and religion is love for India’ - whose utterance is this?
(a) Raj Narain Bose 
(b) Swami Vivekananda 
(c) Bal Gangadhar Tilak 
(d) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee 

Q7. The notable feature of the Civil Disobedience movement of Mahatma Gandhi was:-
(a) Picketing of shops 
(b) Mass strike 
(c) Arrest of thousand of persons 
(d) Wide participation of women 

Q8. Which one of the following is not mosquito borne disease?
(a) Dengue fever 
(b) Filariasis 
(c) Sleepingsickness 
(d) Malaria 

Q9. Which of the following is a fertilizer?
(a) Sodium nitrate 
(b) Sodium carbonate 
(c) Sodium peroxide 
(d) Sodium thiosulphate

Q10. Which of the following is also known by the name of Sahyadri Range?
(a) Shiwaliks 
(b) Vindhyas 
(c) Eastern Ghats 
(d) Western Ghats 

Q11. Which of the following states in India does not share boundary with Myanmar?
(a) Arunachal Pradesh 
(b) Nagaland
(c) Manipur 
(d) Assam 

Q12. The Garo and Khasi are languages of the state of:-
(a) Manipur 
(b) Tripura 
(c) Assam 
(d) Meghalaya 

Q13. The Planning Commission (of India) is presided over by the:-
(a) Prime Minister
(b) Vice President
(c) Union Minister of Planning 
(d) Union Finance Minister 

Q14. Which of the following is not a basic industry?
(a) Iron and steel 
(b) Fertilizers 
(c) Paper
(d) Cement 

Q15. A catalyst is a substance which:-
(a) stops a chemical reaction
(b) helps initiate a reaction
(c) increases the speed of a reaction 
(d) decreases the speed of a reaction

Q16. Holding of the elections for the Panchayats is decided by the:-
(a) Election Commision
(b) State Government 
(c) District Magistrate 
(d) Union Government 

Q17. National emergency can be declared by the President:-
(a) On the recommendation of the Prime Minister.
(b) On the recommendation of the Parliament.
(c) On his own. 
(d) On the recommendation of the Council of Ministers.

Q18. Which one of the following islands is coral in origin?
(a) Rameshwaram 
(b) Nicobar
(c) Andaman 
(d) Lakshadweep 

Q19. William Harvey is known for discovery of:-
(a) Blood circulation 
(b) Blood clotting 
(c) Respiration 
(d) Digestion

Q20. A Social Security Agreement was signed on March 4, 2013 by Overseas Affairs Minister Vayalar Ravi and Paulo de Sacadura Cabral Portas, the Foreign Minister of?
(a) Spain 
(b) Belgium 
(c) Portugal 
(d) France 

Q21. Perform, Achieve and Trade (PAT) scheme is related to?
(a) Education 
(b) Global Warming 
(c) Energy Efficiency 
(d) Bharat Nirman 

Q22. London will host which of the following sporting events? 
(a) 2018 winter Olympics 
(b) 2017 IAAF World Championships in Athletics 
(c) 2018 Commonwealth Games 
(d) 2016 Twenty2O World Cup 

Q23. The first ever day-night full combat and fire demonstration was conducted by Indian Air Force at the Pokhran range in Rajasthan on February 22, 2013. It is called?
(a) INDRA 
(b) Exercise Malabar
(c) Yudh Abhyas 
(d) Iron Fist

Q24. 1,000 km long Dabhol - Bangalore pipeline recently. Dabhol is in?
(a) Kerala 
(b) Goa 
(c) Maharashtra 
(d) Gujarat

Q25. Sitar legend Ravi Shankar was posthumously awarded the best world music album trophy for?
(a) The Living Room Sessions Part 1
(b) Set Fire to the Rain 
(c) Making Minors 
(d) We Found Love 

Q26. Which of the following satellites is designed for oceanographic studies?
(d) SARAL 

Q27. Who was elected the ninth President of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in April 2013?
(a) Yukia Amano 
(b) Takehiko Nakao
(c) Shinzo Abe 
(d) Akihito 

Q28. Which country will host the 40th G-8 Summit in June 2014?
(a) Canada 
(b) UK 
(c) Japan 
(d) Russia

Q29. Which one of the following Countries is not a Newly Industrialized Country (NIC)?
(c) Mexico 
(d) South Africa

Q30. Which of the following terms is not used in the world of Economics/Finance?
(a) Sinking Fund 
(b) Devaluation 
(c) Open Door Policy 
(d) Privilege Motion 

Q31. One rupee currency notes bear the signature of the?
(a) Finance Minister 
(b) RBI Governor 
(c) Finance Secretary 
(d) Chief Economic Adviser

Q32. Fiscal Policy is concerned with?
(a) Public revenue and expenditure 
(b) Issue of currency 
(c) Population control
(d) None of these

Q33. New Gas Pipeline start from Azerbaijan to Italy would be Trans-regional co-operation between Asia and Europe.What is the name?
(a) Iran Pakistan pipeline 
(b) TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipeline)
(c) Russian Hungary pipeline 
(d) Eurasia pipeline 

Q34. How many Schedules are there in the Indian Constitution ?
(a) 10 
(b) 15 
(c) 18 
(d) 12

Q35. Which company name is based on river name?
(a) Samsung 
(b) Sony Ericsson
(c) Nokia 
(d) HTC

Q36. Who drafted the Declaration of American Independence?
(a) George Washington 
(b) Abraham Lincoln 
(c) Thomas Jefferson 
(d) John F Kennedy

Q37. Which country has granted temporary asylum to Edward Joseph Snowden who leaked details of the US program of mass surveillance of electronic data 
(a) Ecuador 
(b) Hong Kong 
(c) China 
(d) Russia

Q38. The inaugural World Test Cricket Championship will take place in 2017 in-
(a) England& Wales 
(b) West Indies
(c) Austraila 
(d) India & Pakistan

Q39. "Gwadar Port" was recently in news which developed and operated by China handing over by which of the following country?
(a) Sri Lanka 
(b) Pakistan
(c) Afghanisthan 
(d) China

Q40. "Astra" which was in news in recent past is the name of a newly developed-
(a) Air-to-air missile 
(b) Battle Tank
(c) Spy-Rocket 
(d) Submarine

Q41. The recent CAG reports point out several performances and financial anomalies in Kol Dham Hydro Electric Power Project. The project belongs to
(a) Jammu & Kashmir 
(b) Uttarakhand
(c) Himachal Pradesh 
(d) Meghalaya

Q42. For the effective implementation of policies and programmes chartered out in the 12th Five Year Plan, planning commission has come with a new initiative, IBIN. What is the full form of the same?
(a) India Backbone Initiative Network
(b) India Broader Implementation Network
(c) India Backbone implementation Norms 
(d) India Broad-based Implementation

Q43. The International Mother Earth Day is observed on which of the following dates? 
(a) April 20 
(b) April 21
(c) April 22 
(d) April 23 

Q44. Which of the following countries has topped the list of countries receiving remittances according to the latest edition of the World Bank’s Migration and Development Brief?
(a) Nigeria 
(b) India 
(c) Philippines 
(d) China

Q45. Name the person who has been appointed as the vice-chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce (CCI) recently?
(a) Ratan Tata 
(b) Anil Agarwal
(c) Sunil Bharti Mittal 
(d) Ravi Ruia 

Q46. Indian businesses and consumers will soon be able to check the authenticity of a product with the help of a mobile phone application. Name the application which is being developed by the Interpol.
(a) I-Register 
(b) I-Checkit
(c) Info-world 
(d) I-Sure 

Q47. World Intellectual Property Day is observed on which of the following dates?
(a) April 20 
(b) April 21
(c) April 22
(d) April 26 

Q48. In the wake of an alleged fraud by Kolkata-based Saradha group, the Central Government has ordered a SFIO probe into the matter of suspected misuse of the public money by various chit fund companies. What is the full form of SFIO?
(a) Serial Fraud Investigation Office 
(b) Serious Fraud Investigation Office 
(c) Specific Fraud Investigation Office 
(d) Stock FraudInvestigation Office 

Q49. Which of the following countries has become the first country outside South Asia to legislate against caste discrimination recently?

Q50. Union Minister of State for Power (Independent Charge),Jyotiraditya Scindia recently dedicated the third unit of Indira Gandhi Super Thermal Power Project at Jharli to the nation. Jharli is located in which of the following state? 
(a) Himachal Pradesh 
(b) Punjab 
(c) Haryana 
(d) Rajasthan