Indian-Army Question-Paper |   5182

Indian-Army Question-Paper

                          Indian Territorial Army - Solved Question Paper

Section I-Essay

A) Write an Essay in about 300 words in any one of the following topics mentioned below ?
1) Inflation and its effect.
2) Indian's Foreign Relations.
3) The Lokpal Bill.
4) Energy Security,India's current Energy Status,Challenges in front of India.
5) The importance of the MGNREGA.

Section II- General Awareness

1) Whose reign was called the Golden Age of the Mughal ?
Ans: Shahjahan

2) Which of the following is not a basic industry?
Ans: paper

3) IBIN stands for ?
Ans: India Backbone Implementation Network

4) What is "Astra" ?
Ans: Its a air to air missile.

5) A standing army was first introduced in Medieval India by ?
Ans: Iltumish

6) Which games are going to be held are scheduled to be held in 2017 in London ?
Ans:The 16th World Championships in Athletics

7) Press freedom day falls on which date?
Ans: May 3

8) World Intellectual Property Day falls on which date ?
Ans: April 26

9) What is a Catalyst ?
Ans: a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change.

10) Gwadar port is developed by china in which country ?

11) International Mother earth day ?
Ans: 22 April

12) Who signs one rupee currency note of India ?
Ans: Finance Secretary

13) Which country apart from India has provision for non discrimination ?

14) What is SX 40?
Ans: SX40 is the flagship Index of MCX-SX

15) Dabhol Power Station is in which state ?
Ans: Maharashtra state

16) Planning commission of India Presided by ?
Ans: Prime minister of India

17) 9th Chairman of Asian Development Bank ?
Ans: Takehiko Nakao

18) Venue for first world test series will be at ?
Ans: England & Wales

19) Garo-Khasi range is in ?
Ans: meghalaya

20) Which mobile company name matches with one of the river name in the world?
Ans: Nokia

21) Who wrote the declaration of Independence ?

22) The pipeline between Russia and Azerbaijan is called..?
Ans: Kazi Magomed pipeline

23) NN Vohra is governor of which state?
Ans: J&K

24) Who said patriotism is religion & religion is love for India ?
Ans: Bankim Chandra Chaterjee

25) Jhansi Merger after 1857 freedom battle was the result of?

26) Pt Ravi Shankar Won the World Music Album award for?
Ans: The Living Room Sessions Part 1

27) When is world press day ?
Ans: May 3

28) Which Muslim intruders attacked India 1st?

29) who is cci vice president ?

30) Number of schedules in constitution of india ?
Ans: 12

31) Jharli is in which state ?
Ans: Haryana

32) which country give asylum to snowden ?

33) Sahyadri range is also known as ?
Ans: Western Ghats

34) Which state does not touch myanmar State ?
Ans: The state which touch myanmar are : 1 nagaland 2 manipur 3 mizoram 4 arunachal pradesh

35) KolDam dam is in which state ?
Ans: Bilashpur, Himachal pradesh

36) Which gas was used to kill civilians in syria by the government
Ans: Sarin

37) WWW invented by ?
Ans: Tim Berners-Lee. 

38) Pipeline project from Azerbaijan to Italy is known as ?
Ans: Trans Adriatic Pipeline

39) Khasi, Garo languages belong to which state?
Ans: Meghalaya

40) Name of god with three faces and surrounded by animal in harappan civilization ?
Ans: The Pasupati

41) Who conducts Panchayati Raj Elections ?
Ans: State election Commissioner

42) Bangalore-dabhol pipeline. where is dabhol located ?
Ans: Maharashtra State

43) India's first station at Arctic?
Ans: Himadri station

44) what was discovered by william harvey?
Ans: the circulation of blood

45) SFIO full form?
Ans: Serious Fraud Investigation Office

46)The biggest coral island in India is ?
Ans: lakshwadweep

47) The 40th G8 summit was due to be held in 2014 ?
Ans: Russia 

48) In how many countries India has acceded to Madrid Protocol which allows Indian companies to register their trademarks by filing a single application.

49) Star Movies new channel
Ans: Star movies action