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Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant (S.R.ST)Part 1


(Qns. 1-5: Find the one that best fits in the Blank space)

1. The Superintendent who was on a surprise visit to the post office entered the mails branch and said, 'it is high lime that the postmen-------to their beats'

a. go

b. went (Ans)

c. shall go

d. should have gone

2. Neither of us------- fit for the job of a postman

a. is  (Ans)

b. could

c. are

d. can

3. As the postman of this beat I am your friend, -----?

a. amn't I

b. isn't I (Ans)

c. doesn't I

d aren't I

4. One of the weighing scales--------received in a damaged condition

a. was  (Ans)

b. were

c. did

d. being

5. 'This building is very old', the postmaster said, 'I have to search for an-------builiding for the post office'

a. alternate (Ans)

b. alternative

c. alternant

d. alterant

(Qns. 6-10: Select the word for the difinition given)


6. Arrange into different groups according to certain criterion,

a. sort (Ans)

b. divide

c. dispatch

d. post

7. Bag of letters for conveyance by post 

a. mail (Ans)

b. male

c. maile

d. melee

8. With great speed

a. post-haste (Ans)

b. post-chaise

c. post-horse

d. Post-horn

9. One who collects and studies postage stamps 

a. philander

b. philanthropist

c. philatelist (Ans)

d. phillumenist

10. Aspecial commemorative postmark

a. cache

b. cachet (Ans)

c. catheter

d. cathode

Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant (S.R.ST)

Part 2


Name of the studentBoy or girlScienceSocial Studies English Mathe-matics
VinithaGirl 20253035

(Qns. 11-202 are based on the data in the table below. The table shows marks obtained by some students in four subjects. The maximum mark for each subject was 50)

11. What is the average marks of girls in English?

a. 30 (Ans)

b. 35

c. 25

d. 15

12. What is the lowest percentage of marks scored by a student in Science?

a. 20 (Ans)

b. 10

c. 30

d. 15

13. How many students scored 50% of above  in Mathematics?

a. 4

b. 5 (Ans)

c. 2

d. None

14. If 80% or above entitles a student 'A' grade in a subject, how many got 'A' grade in Social Studies?

a. One

b. Two

c. Three

d. None (Ans)

15. If 50% is needed for pass in a subject how many failed in English?

a. One

b. Two (Ans)

c. Three

d. None

16. Who among the boys scored  the best marks in English and what is the percentage he scored?

a. Paul, 70% (Ans)

b. Paul, 35%

c. Suma, 70%

d. Paul and Suma, 70%

17. How many students rank below Vinitha in Mathematics?

a. 6

b. 5 (Ans)

c. 4

d. 3

18. Whose overall performance is the poorest?

a. Peter's

b. Kurup's

c. Kavitha's

d. Krishnan's (Ans)

19. Which of the following is Vinitha's marks in the four subjects arranged in the ascending order of percentage scored?

a. 70 (Mathematics),60 (English),50 (Social Studies),40 (Science)

b. 40 (Science),50 (Social Studies),60 (English),70 (Mathematics) (Ans)

c. 35 (Mathematics),30 (English),25 (Social Studies),20 (Science)

d. 20 (Science),25 (Social Studies),30 (English),35 (Mathematics)

20. Which is the  subject for which the highest marks were scored by all the students together?

a. English

b. Mathematics (Ans)

c. Social Studies

d. Science


Part 2

General Knowledge


21. Who was India's nominee for the post of UN Secretary General?

a. Lalith Mansingh

b. Chinmaya R. Gharekhan

c. Indra Nooyi

d. Shashi Tharoor (Ans)

22. Which of the following is TRUE of chikungunya?

a. A viral illness spread by mosquito (Ans)

b. An illness spread by chicken

c. A fungal illness spread by mosquito

d. A bacterial illness spread by mosquito

23. Which country created news in October 2006 by announcing that it performed nuclear weapons test?

a. France

b. Israel

c. South Korea

d. North Korea (Ans)

24. Which of the following is NOT TRUE of India?

a. Smallest state is Goa

b. Least populous state is Sikkim

c. Area wise the largest state is Rajasthan

d. Most populous state is Tamil Nadu  (Ans)

25. As Rajghat is associated with Mahatma Gandhi and Santhivan with Nehru, which place is associated with B.R. Ambedkar?

a. Sakthisthal

b. Veerbhoomi

c. Chaithrabhoomi (Ans)

d. Vijayghat

26. Who wrote the book 'The annihilation of caste'?

a. B.R. Ambedkar (Ans)

b. Kanshi Ram

c. Mayavati

d. Ram Vilas Paswan

27. "Self-respect is a most vital factor in life. Without it man is mere cipher". Who said this?

a. Alexander Pope

b. Erich Segal

c. B.R. Ambedkar  (Ans)

d. George Eliot

28. Which among the following mountain peaks is the highest?

a. Nanda Devi

b. Kanchenjunga (Ans)

c. Badrinath

d. Nunkun

29. Which of the following is NOT TRUE of India's national flag?

a. It is a horizondal tri-colour

b. The ratio between the width of the flag to its length is two to five  (Ans)

c. Its design was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 22 July, 1947.

d. Its use and display are regulated by a code

30. Which was the first political occasion when 'Vande Matharam' was sung?

a. 1896 session of the INC (Ans)

b. 1912 session of the INC

c.  On 15 August 1947

d. On 26 January 1950

31. Which of the following is TRUE of Indian Standard Time?

a. 5.5 hours ahead of GMT (Ans)

b. 4.5 hours ahead of GMT

c. 3.5 hours ahead of GMT

d. 2.5 hours ahead of GMT

32. On May 11,2000 India's population was estimated to have reached:

a. One billion (Ans)

b. Two billion

c. Three billion

d. Four billion


33. How many mother tonges are spoken in India?

a. More than 1600 (Ans)

b. Less than 500

c. More than 2500

d. 22

34. Some incidents in India's freedom movement are arranged chronologically in the options below. Which  of them is correct?

a. First meeting of INC, Formation of the Muslim League, Massacre of Jalianwallabagh, Moplah rebellion in Malabar  (Ans)

b. Moplah rebllion in Malabar, First meeting of INC, Formation of the Musllim League, Massacre of Jalianwallabagh

c. Massacre of Jalianwallabagh, First meeting of INC, Moplah rebellion in Malabar, Formation of Muslim league

d. Formation of Muslim league, First meeting of INC, Moplah rebellion in Malabar, Massacre of Jalianwallabagh


35. Which of the following is NOT TRUE of the constitution of Inida?

a. It was dawn up by a Constituent Assembly

b. It came into effect on 15 August 1947(Ans)

c. It closely follows the British Parliamentary model

d. It differs from the British Parliamentary model in holding that the constitution is supreme and not parliament

36. What is a group of owls called?

a. A parliament  (Ans)

b. A bed

c. A shoal

d. A flock

37. Which is India Post's web site?



c. (Ans)


38. Who among the following is given the credit of establishing the modern postal system in Inida?

a. Lord Clive  (Ans)

b. Lord Mountbatten

c. Lalith Mansingh

d. Shashi Tharoor

39. Expand the abbreviation  GPO

a. Generic Post Office

b. General Post Office (Ans)

c. Group Post Office

d. Grand Post Office

40. PIN code zone No.6 includes besides Kerala:

a. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

b. Tamil Nadu and Lakshadweep (Ans)

c. Tamil Nadu

d. Karnataka