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Placement Paper

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Postal Assistant aptitude Question papers English


1.  Find out which part of the sentence has an error

(a) They were traveling

(b) in the metro when they heard  (Ans)

(c) a weird sound very close to them

(d) No Error


2.  The ........... growth of the jungle hid the ancient ruins completely.

(a) thickly

(b) luxurious

(c) densely

(d) luxuriant  (Ans)


3.  It is the house ....... door is painted red.

(a) that

(b) whose  (Ans)

(c) which

(d) none of these


4.  He did time for more than six months. This sentence means ;-

(a) He fought against time until his views accepted for more than six months.

(b) He gave his service to the prisoners for more than six months.

(c) He was in prison for more than six months.  (Ans)

(d) He spent his time for recognition for more than six months.


5. Hardly ...................................

(a) I had started than it began to rain.

(b) I had started when it began to rain.

(c) had I started than it began to rain.

(d) had I started when it began to rain.  (Ans)


6.  That marriage won't last. I will give them two months ........ the outside.

(a) on

(b) at  (Ans)

(c) by

(d) over


7. I can see from your expression that you are thinking deep ......

(a) thought

(b) think

(c) thinking cap

(d) thoughts  (Ans)


Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the words


8. Decrepit

(a) lurid

(b) dangerous

(c) healthy

(d) feeble   (Ans)


9. jettison

(a) discard   (Ans)

(b) defeat

(c) deduce

(d) yield


The antonyms of the following words


10. doleful

(a) melancholy

(b) cheerful   (Ans)

(c) mournful

(d) grim


11. dovish

(a) draconian

(b) hawkish   (Ans)

(c) peevish

(d) lavish


12. The longer you keep this fruit, it will depreciate.

(a) easier

(b) much

(c) the more   (Ans)

(d) the most


13. The plane landed. I  saw. The combined form of these sentences ;-

(a) l saw the plane landing.

(b) I saw the plane landed.

(c) I saw the plane land.  (Ans)

(d) I saw the plane to land.


Spot the error

                  1                      2                                   4                                     5

14. The grounds were/ dedicated as / a cemetery for those who died in the war. / No Error.

(a) (1,

(b) b)2

(c) 3  (Ans)

(d) 4


15. The problem is anything .................... easy.

(a) for

(b) but   (Ans)

(c) off

(d) by


16.  Let's get busy with the clearing up, .... ?

(a) shan't we

(b) shall we   (Ans)

(c) will you

(d) don't we


17. Lights were burning ...................

(a) in the upstairs room    (Ans)

(b) in the upstair room

(c) in the upstairs

(d) in the room upstair


18. A special squad has been formed to crack down on fare dodgers ......... the train.

(a) in

(b) on    (Ans)

(c) by

(d) down


19. She died after a long ..................

(a) illness    (Ans)

(b) disease

(c) malady

(d) none of these


20. Which of the following sentences carries a grammatical error ?

(a) Because of family break-ups, the children are stretched to a breaking point.

(b) None but him can tackle the problem.

(c) He divided his property equally between his four sons.

(d) Your interference in matters that don't concern you have gone far enough.    (Ans)


21. Which of the following sentences are grammatically incorrect ?

(a) The patient has responded to the treatment fairly better than expected.

(b) All three men were charged for conspiracy to defraud the officials from all their money.

(c) He was asked to write the messages for children only with pencil.

(d) Be prudent in what you say to other lest you should hurt their feelings.

1. a, b             2. a, b          3. b, c            4. d

(Ans : 2)


22. Food and accommodation .............. charged separately.

(a) is

(b) are    (Ans)

(c) has

(d) have


23.  Any doctor who prescribes surgery for a black-and-blue mark ............ be a quack.

(a) must    (Ans)

(b) should

(c) might

(d) is


24. 'He said, 'I am visiting the dentist's ''xt week'.  The reported speech of this sentence 

(a) He said that he was visiting the dentist's the following week.

(b) He said that he is visiting the dentist's the following week.

(c) He said that he would be visiting the dentist's the following week.    (Ans)

(d) He said that the next week will be the day for the visit.


25.  The plural of the word 'ileum'

(a) ileums

(b) ilea    (Ans)

(c) ileal

(d) ileu