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                              Postal/Sorting Assistant Exam Question paper-Numerical Ability

(1)By how much is two-thirds of 96 less than three fifths of 210? 
(A) 260 
(B) 2600 
(C) 1/26 
(D) 26 

(2)The average temperature of three days is 24°C.If the temperature on the first two days is 20°C and 25°C respectively, then the temperature on the third day is: 
(A) 27°C 
(B) 24°C 
(C) 22-1° C
(D) 23°C 

(3) If the digits of a two digit number are interchanged, the newly formed number is more than the original number by 18. If the sum of the digits is 8, then what was the original number? 
(A) 26 
(B) 17 
(C) 35 
(D) Data inadequate 

(4)One year ago, a mother was 4 times older than her son. After 6 years, her age becomes more than double her son's age by 5 years. The present ratio of their age will be: 
(A) 17:2 
(B) 25:7 
(C) 29:6 
(D) None of these 

(5)A triple successive discount of 20%, 10% and 5% is equal to a single discount of: 
(A) 31.60% 
(B) 25.7% 
(C) 40% 
(D) 35% 

(6)Three items are purchased at 380 each. One of them is sold at a loss of 10%. The others are sold so as to gain 25% on the whole transaction? What is the gain % on these two items? 
(A) 42.5% 
(B) 40.5% 
(C) 44.5% 
(D) None of these 

(7)Two trains leave stations P and Q, 110 km apart. Train from P to Q travels at 25 km/hr and train from Q to P at 30 km/hr. If they both start at 8 AM, they meet at: 
(A) 09:00 AM 
(B) 09:45 AM 
(C) 10:40 AM 
(D) None of these 

(8) A sphere of radius x is melted and its volume is divided into two equal parts. One part is cast into a cylinder of height 10 cm. and second a cone of the same height. The ratio of the cylinder radius to the cone radius is: 
(A) 1 : 3 
(B) 13:2 
(C) 1 :13. 
(D) None of these 

(9) A man buys milk at a certain price per Kg. and after mixing it with water sells it again at the same price. How many grams of water he mixes in every Kg. of milk if he makes a profit of 25%: 
(A) 150g 
(B) 30g 
(C) 250g 
(D) 200g 

(10) A sum of Rs. 8000 generates Rs. 1261 as compound interest in 3 years, interest being compounded annually. The rate of compound interest is: 
(A) 10% 
(B) 5% 
(C) 20% 
(D) 2.5%