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Postal/Sorting Assistant Solved Question Paper-English Language

DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 1&2) Choose the correct article. 

1. I bought ______  uniform for my daughter yesterday: 
(A) An 
(B) Of 
(C) The 
(D) A 

2. _____ mighty have the upper hand: 
(A) An 
(B) A 
(C) One 
(D) The 

DIRECTIONS: (Question no. 3 &4) Each of these questions consists of a word or phrase in capital letters followed by four words or phrases. Select the word or phrase that is most nearly similar in meaning to the given word or phrase. 

(A) To divide 
(B) To destroy everything 
(C) Storm 
(D) To walk about aimlessly 

(A) Laziness 
(B) To hit directly Inclined 
(C) Heavy 
(D) Inclined

DIRECTIONS: Formulate correct sentences by selecting the most appropriate option. 

5. If I were you, I ------- be more careful with my words: 
(A) Shall 
(B) Should 
(C) Will 
(D) Would 

DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 6 &7) In the following questions pick the correct spelt word. 

6. — 
(A) Typhyoid 
(B) Typhiod 
(C) Typhoid 
(D) Typhyiod 

(A) Stratcher 
(B) Strecher 
(C) Stretchar 
(D) Stretcher 

DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 8 &9) In the following questions choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word. 

(A) Boldness 
(B) Converse
(C) Weakness 
(D) Cleverness

(A) Multiply 
(B) Acceptable 
(C) Unifying 
(D) Derisive 

DIRECTIONS: (Question no. 10 & 11) Each of the following sentences has been broken in three parts (A),(B) and (C). If there is any grammatical error in any of these parts, that is your answer. 
If there is no error, the answer is (D). 

10. (A) He is man/ (B) which i know/ (C) you can trust/(D) No error 

11. (A) I shall ask him/ (B) not to come on Monday/(C) as it is a working day/(D) No error

DIRECTIONS:(Question no.12) Change the following sentences into reported speech. 

12. Shashi said " I plan to leave for Australia next week": 
(A) Shashi said that he planned to leave for Australia the following week. 
(B) Shashi told that he had planned to leave for Australia the following week. 
(C) Shashi said that he had planned to leave for Australia next week. 
(D) Shashi told that he planned to leave for Australia next week. 

DIRECTIONS: (Que. No. 13 to 19) Choose the correct option. 

13. The tree lost _____ leaves. 
(A) Their 
(B) Our
(C) They 
(D) Its 

14. The snake crawled ______ the rock. 
(A) Under 
(B) At
(C) With 
(D) After

15. Can you ______ a picture? 
(A) Fry 
(B) Stay
(C) Ride 
(D) Draw 

16. My mother ________ us to school in our car. 
(A) Walks 
(B) Goes
(C) Rides
(D) Drives

17. Tom is awake but jack is still _______ 
(A) Eating
(B) Reading 
(C) Asleep
(D) Crying 

18. The kangaroos ______ over the fence. 
(A) Crawled
(B) Hopped 
(C) Swam 
(D) Licked 

19. Yesterday our team ________ the team of Ramjus School. 
(A) Is defeating 
(B) Will defeat 
(C) Was defeated 
(D) Defeated 

DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 20 to 22) Fill in the blank with correct preposition. 

20. The thief entered the room _____ the window: 
(A) Through 
(B) With 
(C) From
(D) By 

21. My car does forty kilometers _____ a litre: 
(A) For 
(B) Of 
(C) In
(D) To 

22. ______ cooking, he also likes to write poetry in his free time: 
(A) Except 
(B) While 
(C) Beside 
(D) Besides 

DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 23 & 24) Give one word for the underlined phrase. 

23. My bedroom is warm and comfortable
(A) Cosy 
(B) Beautiful 
(C) Neat
(D) Untidy 

24. Diana spoke in a quiet voice to her friend. 
(A) Jumped 
(B) Called 
(C) Yelled 
(D) Whispered 

DIRECTIONS:(Question No:25) Choose the correct passive voice of the sentence given in the question. 

25. There is no house to let: 
(A) There is no house which could be let 
(B) There is no house for letting out 
(C) There is no house to be let 
(D) No house is there to let