Inautix C C++ Unix and other Technical Questions |   25304

Inautix C C++ Unix and other Technical Questions


Nautix C,C++ & Unix paper:

                   C++ paper:

  1. cin is an

  2. I  con't remember the ques but the ans is Virtual base class

  3. what is the use of scope resolution operator?

  4. Advantage of inline function?

  5. copy constructor is
          ans:call by value.

  6. ques on vertual destructor?

  7. template one ques?

  8. one q' on container class?

C paper

  1.  How will u terminate the statement?
          ans: ;

  2. select the wrong one
            a.  a+=1;
            b.  a*=2;
            c.  a**=1;(ans)
            d.  a>>=1;

  3.  main() 
               int n,i=1;
                    case 1:
                          some stuff;
                   case 2:
                             some stuff;
             what will be value of i;
             ans:non of the above

  4. pick ut the wrong one
           #typedef some stuff

  5. one q's on do loop?

  6. pick the odd one
              a.     malloc
              b.     calloc
              c.     new(ans)

  7. char *ptr;
             How will u de allocate the memory?
            a.  delete.
             b.  free.
          There r about 20 q's in this section rest i am un able to remember?

UNIX paper:

  1.  How will u do version maintaince?
    sccs(source code control system)

  2. awk $2

  3. A program in shell script?                                                                                 
            find the o/p.

  4. Which signal u can't catch?

  5. Core dump is due to ?
         ans:segmentation fault.

  6. Echo "todays date is 'date'";
           o/p = ?

  7. process synchronisation is done by ?