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inautix Candidate-Experiences


I Nautix campus recruitment December 2011, in Sastra University Thanjavur.

Hello Friends,
I Nautix campus procedure is very simple and easy compared to other interview procedures.

They had 3 rounds
1. Written test (50 questions 50 mins)
2. GD (Approximately 15 mins)
3. Interview (Technical & HR)

Aptitude questions had:
Quantitative, Logical & analytical reasoning, verbal, C & C++ questions.
For quantitative concentrate on topics like (Time & distance, Time & work, ages, problems on boats, train problem, percentage, probability, odd man out series, series completion). Good basic knowledge about these topics and time management, if both of these work together you can easily crack it.
681 attempted apti test and 118 cleared it.

The next round was GD. GD topics were simple and the topics are 1. Education system in India and abroad, 2. Money makes man irresponsible. 3. Co-education advantage or disadvantage 4. Women empowerment 3. Indian politics etc. 
HR people in i-Nautix are cool. So no need to worry about GD. In GD they mainly see to your voice modulation, confidence level, eye contact, body language, points should be valid, willingness, no parallel talk should be there, wait for your turn to come these are some of the basic things you sould follow when your in a Group Discussion. The shortlisted candidates came to a number 58 at the end of GD. And they were immediately sent for the technical as well as HR interview process.

The shortlisted 58 candidates appeared for the interview and the panel members were really good in their subject. So please don'
t try to dorge. Then you might get into serious trouble. They asked me general HR questions like 1. Your strength, 2. Why i-Nautix , 3. Short trm and long term goals etc etc etc. Very simple and in technical interview brush up the basics in your stream and be confident in your answer. Never mind its right or wrong. They will try to judge your confidence level.

Then finally results were announced and the final list was put up. It was very shocking they selected only 9 and amazingly I was one among them. Hope this might be usefull for your placements.
All the very best for your placements and see you all in i-Nautix.