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iNautix-Placement Paper


I-Nautix Paper 3/07/2010

Dear Friends,

First of all I am very thankful of as it had help me a lot in preparing for I-nautix.

I-Nautix visited our campus SCOE, Pune on 3rd July 2008. Total around 350 students had given aptitude test out of which 100 were selected for GD.

Then 50 were selected for interviews and finally 31 were shortlisted including me.

The pattern was as

Aptitude Test (50 marks)

Group Discussion



Aptitude Test consists of

Analytical Section-20 Marks (Refer RS Agrawal QA It’s enough)

English Section-10 Marks

Technical – 20 Marks

For Technical Refer Let us C, Let us C solutions as most of the problems were from these two books. Also as they told that there is no sectional cut-off. Hence core branch student can appear for first 30 questions.


1.      If A can fill a tank in 20min and B in 30 min , also C can empty the tank in 15 min then how much time will required to fill the tank completely.

a)176 min

b)167 min

c)165 min


ans 167


2.      The sum of all the family members is 100. If the younger member is of 10 year’s age then what will be the average age of the family at the time of his birth.






ans 12.5


Likewise simple problems on analytical reasoning.

RS Agrawal QA is more than enough for it

English Section was too easy some synonyms and antonyms were there but that’s ok.

And technical as I mentioned above basic C for Kanetkar’s is sufficient


After Aptitude 100 people were selected for GD.

Their were 10 groups of 10 persons each.

Our batch got topic CO-EDUCATION.

The HR person was very cool and has taken a warm up interactive session before starting the GD.

Just keep your mind cool and take part on GD that’s enough too clear it.

Also don’t make it as a Debate which will have a treat to the Group.

Finally 53 were selected from GD.

The Other GD topic were


2) CONSIDER your self as a fruit


Generally they ask the group for suggesting them a topic, so decide the topic in advance with your group.


Now we were just said to wait as our interview process was to start immediately.

My no. came I went into the room.

As soon as I Entered the HR person introduced himself and then he had given program to solve

I have solved that within 10mins.

After that I explained him the logic.

Then my HR interview started with the basic Questions like

Tell me about yourself, family background, etc.

The HR person was very cool and it was one of simplest interviews to clear.


Finally after waiting for sometime we got the results 31 were finally selected including me.

I want to thank god, my parents and all my friends who had helped me around.