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Placement Paper

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1.  A Company ABC Limited arrange a training programme for its employees from its Marketing Finance and HRD Department. Each participant is awarded a grade at the end of the training programme. The total number of employees of the Finance Department participating in the programme is twice the number of candidates of HRD Department who have secured 'Above Average' grade. The total number of candidates who have obtained 'Average' grade, is six times the number of candidates of the Marketing who have obtained 'Excellent' grade and the number of candidates of the HRD Department with 'Above Average grade is 1/3rd the total number of candidates of the HRD Department. Your superior has given you an incomplete chart to be completed.

ClassExcellent Very GoodAbove AverageAverage
Marketing6 32  
HRD25  48
Finance 7   
Total1331  137

1.  I. The number of employees of the Finance Department getting 'Above Average 'grade is
a)    13
b)    11
c)    9
d)    7
e)    None of these

1. II.    The least number of employees getting 'Average' grade, are from
a)    Marketing Department 
b)    Finance Department
c)    HRD Department 
d)    HRD and Finance Department
e)    None of these

1. III.    The number of employees of the HRD Department getting 'Average' grade from what per cent of the total number of employees participating in the programme ?
a)    29.93%
b)    11.68%
c)     35.04 % 
d)    18.25%
e)    None of the these

1. IV.    The training programme was conducted by Perfect trainers Private Limited. It charged Rs.4500/- per employee towards the cost of training. If it offered a discount of 7.5% to those candidates who secured 'Average' grade, then, what is the total fee payable by company ABC Limited to Perfect Trainers Private Limited, to the nearest thousand ?
a)    Rs.455000/-
b)    Rs.604000/-
c)    Rs.507000/- 
d)    Rs.537000/-
e)    None of these

2. The graph shows the Exports and Imports in 1999 of country 'X' in $ million for the period March 2009 to September 2009.

2. I.    What is the average value of imports between March and September, 2009 ?
a)    2810.6 
b)    3150.9
c)    2980.8 
d)    3150.3
e)    None of these

2. II.    What is the average value of Exports between April and August, 2009 ?
a)    2694.3
b)    3106.8
c)    2695.6 
d)    3107.4
e)    None of these

2. III.    What is the percentage increase in imports between April and May, 2009 ?
a)    5.80
b)    6.30
c)    8.04 
d)    7.60 
e)    None of these

2. IV.   The change in Trade GAP [import as a percentage of Export] between July and August, 2009, was approximately :-
a)   Increase 3.55 per cent
b)   Decrease 3.55 per cent
c)   Increase 2.87 per cent   
d)   Decrease 2.34 per cent  
e)   None of these

2. V.   What is the difference in exports between the periods March to May and June to August (in $ million) ?
a)    418
b)    592
c)    579 
d)    585
e)    None of these

2. VI.   If the exports during March, 2009 is approximately 24.32 % more than that during February, 2002, then, what was the approximate during February, 2009 (in $ million) ?
a)    2658
b)    2562
c)    2652 
d)   2656
e)   None of these

2. VII.    What is the Trade Balance for September, 2009 ?
a)    159
b)    -159
c)    -178 
d)    Data Insufficient  
e)    None of these

3.    An unbiased die is tossed 60 times

The frequency distribution showing the 'expected' outcomes against the score will appear as in :-
a)    Figure (I)
b)    Figure (II)
c)    Figure (III)
d)    Figure (IV)
e)    Figure (V)


4. I.    In How many of the given years were the imports of company P more than its exports ?
a)     7
b)    4
c)    3 
d)    5 
e)    None of these

4. II.    In how many of the given years were the exports of company Q more than its imports ?
a)    3
b)    2
c)    5 
d)    1
e)    None of these

4. III.    If the exports of company P in 2003 and 2004 taken together were Rs.72 crore, then, what were the imports of the company for the two years, taken together ?
a)    80 crore
b)    65 crore
c)    57.6 crore