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1. A truck departed from Newtonat 11:53a.m. and arrived in FarCity, 240 miles away, at 4:41 p.m. on the same day. What was the approximate average speed of the truck on this trip?
a. 16/1,200 MPH
b. 40/288 MPH
c. 1,494/240 MPH
d. 50 MPH

2. If m,n,o and p are real numbers, each of the following expressions equals m(nop) EXCEPT
a. (op)(mn)
b. ponm
c. (mn)(mo)(mp)
d. (mp)(no)

3. If the ratio of women to men in a meeting is 4 to 1, what percent of the persons in the meeting are men?
a. 20%
b. 25%
c. 33 1/3%
d. 80%

4. Tom received 89, 94, 86, and 96 on the first algebra tests. What grade must he receive on his last test to have an average of 92?
a. 92
b. 94
c. 91
d. 95

5. If the measures of the three angles of a triangle are (3x + 15),(5x - 15),and (2x + 30),what is the measure of each angle?
a. 75
b. 60
c. 45
d. 25

6. Which of the following equations can be used to find a number x, if the difference between the square of this number and 21 is the same as the product of 4 times the number?
a. x - 21 = 4x
b. x2- 21 = 4x
c. x2 = 21-4x
d. x + 4x2=21

7. Emile receives a flat weekly salary of Rs.240 plus 12% commission of the total volume of all sales he makes. What must his rupees volume be in a week if he is to make a total weekly of Rs.540?
a. Rs.2,880
b. Rs.3,600
c. Rs.6,480
d. Rs.2,500

8. A and B undertake to do a work for Rs.56. A can do it alone in 7 days and B in 8 days. If with the assistance of a boy they finish the work in 3 days then the boy gets Rs.--
a. 11
b. 45
c. 43
d. 21

9. A postal truck leaves its station and heads for Chicago, averaging 40mph. An error in the mailing schedule is spotted and 24 minutes after the truck leaves, a car is sent to overtake the truck. If the car averages 50mph, how long will it take to catch the postal truck?
a. 1.6 hours
b. 3 hours
c. 2 hours
d. 1.5 hours

10. In a class of 40 students, 30 speak French and 20 speak German. What is the lowest possible number of students who speak both languages?
a. 5
b. 20
c. 15
d. 10

11. The value of B in the equation a = (h/2)(B+b) is
a. (2a - b)/h
b. 2h/a - b
c. 2a - b
d. 2a/h – b

12. The perimeter of a square inscribed in the circumference of radius R is
a. 4R
b. 8R
c. 2R(2)1/2
d. 4R(2)1/2

13. If R,S, and Q can wallpaper a house in 8 hours and R and S can do it in 12 hours, how long will it take Q alone to wallpaper the house ?
a. 12 hours
b. 24 hours
c. 8 hours
d. 20 hours

14. An old picture has dimensions 33 inches by 24 inches. What one length must be cut from each dimension so that the ratio of the shorter side to the longer side is 2:3?
a. 2 inches
b. 6 inches
c. 9 inches
d. 10 1/2 inches

15. In a group of 30 people the average height is 6 feet and 2 inches. Therefore, we can assume that
1. everyone is 6ft and 2 inches
2. most of the people are 6ft and 2 inches.
3. not all could be taller than 6ft and 2 inches.
a. 2 only
b. 3 only
c. 1 and 2 only
d. 1, 2 and 3

16. One wall being made entirely of bricks is 40% built. If we need 1,200 more bricks to complete the wall, how many bricks will the wall have ?
a. 1,500
b. 1,800
c. 2,000
d. 2,400

17. In a College Bookstore where all books are the same price, a + b books are selling for Rs.1,000. Myron buys 12 books and for each one has a discount of Rs.1. How much does Myron need to pay ?
a. [(a + b) - 1] x 12
b. [(a + b)/1000 - 1] x 12
c. [(1000/(a + b)) - 1] x 12
d. [a + b] x 1

18. A square is inscribed in a circle of area 18p. What is the length of a side of the square ?
a. 6
b. 3
c. 3(2)1/2
d. 6(2)1/2

19. A box contains 6 red marbles and 4 blue marbles. What is the probability that if 2 marbles are simultaneously drawn from the box, both will be red ?
a. 2/3
b. 1/3
c. 1/2
d. 1/5

20. If it is 250 kms from Delhi to Chandigarh and 120 kms from Delhi to Jaipur, what percentage of the distance from Delhi to Chandigarh is the distance from Delhito Jaipur?
a. 12
b. 24
c. 36
d. 48

21. A car goes 15 kms on a litre of petrol. When it is driven at 60 kms per hour it only goes 80% as far. How many litres of petrol will it take to travel 120 kms driving at 60 kms per hour?
a. 2
b. 6.4
c. 8
d. 9.6

22. The solution of the equation 4 - 5(2y + 4) = 4 is
a. 1.-2/5
b. 8
c. 4
d. -2

23. I went to Lucky Duck Casino and in the first game I lost one-third of my money, in the second game I lost half of the rest. If I still have Rs.1,000, how much money did I have when I arrived at the Casino?
a. Rs.1,000
b. Rs.2,000
c. Rs.3,000
d. Rs.6,000

24. For each Rupee spent by the sales department, the research department spends 20 paise. For every Rs. 4 spent by the research department, the packing department spends Rs.1.50. The triple ratio of the money spent by the sales department to the money spent by the research department to the money spent by the packing department can be expressed as
a. 40 : 8 : 3
b. 20 : 4 : 1
c. 8 : 4 : 1
d. 1 : 1 : 5
e. 2 : 1 : 5

25. From the beginning to the end of 1996, the price of a rare book rose 20 percent. In 1997, it dropped 25 percent. In 1998, it rose 20 percent. What percent of 1996`s starting price is 1998`s starting price?
a. 90
b. 95
c. 100
d. 108