ICICI Pattern |   1935

ICICI Pattern


Test is of 69 minutes i.e. 1 hour and 9 minutes You will have to qualify in each section. You cannot go back to the previous section again once you have opted for next section. Test is auto-detectable i.e. if the given time is over it will automatically take you to the next section. While taking the test never touch the keyboard. In the mid portion of taking exam while moving to the next section you will get enough time to stretch out your body. Now coming to the exam part.


There were 6 sections:

1. Reading Comprehension 
2. Sentence Completion
3. Arithmetic Reasoning  
4. Diagrammatic Representation
5. Analogies 
6. Self- Profiler Questionnaire 
As mentioned above, 

1st section is Reading Comprehension: - It is easy and you can read paragraph nicely with enough time. It consists of 5 different and small paragraphs wi0th 4 to 5 sentences. 
2nd section is Sentence Completion: - It is of moderate level. It includes the blanks in which you will have to fill with the appropriate word. But it includes some very hard words. 
3rd section is Arithmetic Reasoning: - Just after you are taken to this section, you will see a question. Don’t waste your time gazing at this question, it is just an example. The questions are bit tough if you don’t know some tricks and you will have to be very quick in this section. 
4th section is Diagrammatic Representation: - It is very easy section. But just be focused in every questions. 
5th section is Analogies: - It is also quite easy. Just read the chapter- Analogy from Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning book of Dr. R. S. Agarwal with S. Chand publication. Just go through all the exercises thoroughly. 
6th section is Self-Profiler Questionnaire: - It is the last section. It tests your I.Q. level as it is based on situation-reaction test. 


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