ICAR-ASRB Paper Contributed by Ganga updated on Jul 2020
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ICAR-ASRB Paper |   1280

                                                                IVRI Question Paper

Animal Reproduction

1. Desirable concentration of actively motile spermatozoa per dose of frozen bull semen.

2. Commonly used model of AV for bulls.

3. Temperature time protocol needed for destroying spermicidal factor in milk.

4. Spermicidal factor present in fresh milk.

5. Volume of semen dependent upon the secretions from seminal vesicles.

6. -------present in goat seminal plasma causes coagulation when sodium citrate is added.

7. Freezing point depression of bull semen

8. Dose of penicillin G sodium per ml of extended semen.

9. Distance between grill and straw rack during semen freezing

10.Which is better ? rapid / slow freezing.

11. Dose of dihydrostreptomycin sulphate per ml in extended semen.

12. ---------------ovary is physiologically more active.

13. Shape of non-pregnant uterus in mare

14. Urethral glands are found in ?

15. Fructose and citric acid are secreted from which accessory gland.

16. High content of ergothionine and inositol in vesicular glands is characteristics of which species .

17. Nerve supplying sensory fibres to vagina , vulva and clitoris.

18. Sex cords of female are called...

19. In females ----- ducts develop into gonadal system while in male---------ducts develop.

20. Vestibule arises from----------

21. The endocrine cells of ovary originate from-----------

22. Oocytes surrounded by one layer of flattened cells ---------

23. Ovulation generally occurs in response to ----------

24. Follicular development is enhanced / suppressed in ovary containing corpus luteum ?

25. Second polar body is formed at the time of ----------

26. At ovulation ova of cattle, sheep and swine contain ----------- polar body.

27. At ovulation ova of horse, dog and fox are in -----------division.

28. At ovulation the oocyte liberated in cattle is ------------

29. At ovulation the oocyte liberated in equines is ----------

30. Primary spermatocyte gives rise to ------------- spermatozoa.

31. Primary oocyte fives rise to ------------- egg.

32. The regression of corpus lutea begins by day -------------- in cattle.

33. Mature corpus luteum is smaller than mature graffian follicle in the-.-------------

34. Corpus luteum lysis is ----------- induced in cattle and sheep.

35. Intrauterine injection of ------------------ blocks estrogen induced corpus luteum lysis in cattle

36. The functional segments of oviduct

37. PGE3 has a ---------------- effect on oviduct .

38. Uterus of cow, ewe and mare is -----------

39. Uterus of sow is--------------

40. Oviduct is supplied blood by ----------

41. Blastokinin, a protein which influences blastocyst formation is secreted by uterus of----------

42. Fern pattern of cervical mucus is associated with high -------------- content.

43. pH of vaginal secretion is favourable / unfavourable to spermatozoa ?

44. Gartner’s ducts are remnants of -----------

45. Depleted secretory cells of oviductal musculature 

46. Cervix possesses / does not possess glands ?

47. FSH and LH are chemically -----------

48 ------------ causes crop milk production in pigeons.

49. The long half life of PMSG is due to -----------

50. PMSG is formed by endometrial cups which are of ------------- origin.