IBM Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Swetha S updated on Jul 2020
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Hello Everyone,
I attended the interview held at GNITS Hyderabad for IBM GBS. I got selected. The pattern is,

  1. Written Test.
2. Group Discussion.
3. Technical Interview.
4. HR Round or Managerial Round.

1. The Team gave a cover in which three different color booklets were present. As they say to open a booklet we have to open strictly in that order. The pattern for the written test was,

  a. Matrix test(13 mins, 15 questions): 3 matrices were given and accordingly questions were asked.  previous papers helped a lot. 
b. Number Series(4mins, 20 questions, 1/4 negative marking): All were very easy. R S Aggarwal is enough for preparation.
c. Aptitude(15mins, 12 questions, 1/4 negative marking): This section is a bit tough. Practice is required. Similar to mba entrance exam type questions.
Make sure you answer correctly the second and third section correctly as there is a sectional cutoff.   2. The results of written test were announced around 1 pm. Selected ppl were put into batch of 10 and also timing was given. My batch time was at 2 50pm. The topic was "Should Politicians be Educated?". The other topics were Common Wealth Games, Should India hold Asian games, Brain Drain etc.

3. The GD results were announced at 5pm.Technical round was held the next day(26th) and the timings were given. My TR time was at 9 30 am. There were several panels. I was sent to a panel with one member, He was very Cool. He asked me to tell about myself, and asked my favourite subject and explain some topics in it. I told Data structures was my favourite subject and explained Queues, Stacks, Linked lists, and almost all topics in that. He was satisfied. Later asked me some queries in sql. finally gave a real life situation like if you are working in some software firm and you have a team lead who asked you to complete the work by tonight but you have personal problems for which you had to take leave. what would you do?

4. The TR Results were announced as soon as we came out. I was sent to next round. HR round was too cool. He saw all my certificates and asked the same routine HR questions and asked me to wait outside. After 20mins a lady came out and told me that i got selected. That was my happiest day. I attended many interviews lost in one round or the other. By my parents wishes and gods grace made all this happen. I hope my experience would help you in your upcoming interviews. Be confident guys and girls. All the Best. Hope to see you in IBM.