IBM Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Choudhari Arun Dhanda updated on Jul 2020
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Hi I am Choudhari Arun Dhanda, M.Tech(Computer Engineering) student at NIT kurukshetra. It was an on-campus selection drive on September 25 and 26, 2012.

I am very happy today while sharing my experience of IBM selection process........

Eligibility: CGPA more than 6.5 in current Degree (M.Tech or B.Tech).

M.Tech and B.Tech, MCA were eligible.

Specialization/Branches : CS,IT,Electrical,Civil,ECE

Package : Not told, however while PPT they said its under consideration to increase. Last year package as per my knowledge it was M.Tech.=3.75, B.Tech & MCA=3.4 which is likely to increase this year.

Process: 2 Days (Sept 25 & 26, 2012)

IBM Recruitment Procedure On the very first day company presented their PPT in the morning and after that 1st round begin.

Each round was elimination Round.

IBM First Round:

They were providing a token slip with Token no,Login id & password printed on it to the prior registered candidates, who applied through the Training and Placement Cell.

Candidates have to login through their respective Login id and password to take the test.

Calculators were allowed.

Each Question had limited time 2minutes 15 seconds.

Test was consist of mainly two part,

One was consist of SERIES Questions and second was from normally asked aptitude questions in written.

20 Series Question were of different types like single series, double series within one,multiplication by 1/4 then 1/8 then 1/16, adding 1/4,3/4 to next no's, repetition of last 4 series no's like 2,7,4,9,2,7,..... Only practice with these type of questions can make you able to crack this part.

Suggested Book: verbal & Non-verbal Reasoning by RS Agarwal

IBM Second Part:

20 Question, It was consist of time & work, Simple & compound interest etc. All are easy but problem was that you have limited time for each question, time expires automatically and it takes you to the next question automatically.

Calculators were allowed which reduces the pain somehow.

After completion of this online aptitude test of all groups, the result was declared. Result Declared at approx 5PM

50% students were selected for the next round.

Second Round : English (Precise) Writing

Offline Test, started at 6PM, 25-9-12

We were given a paragraph printed on paper, and we had to write in precise and had to give future plan, what we will do only in regard of paragraph. And they gave direction "Don't copy same lines from the paragraph", and write only in 6 sentences, and sentence itself shouldn't be so long that you would write everything in a single sentence. The space provided to answer was on the back side of the paper, which was consit of 8 lines, half of A4 size paper in width.

Result declared around 8:30PM

50% candidates selected for the next round.

IBM Group Discussion:procedure

Started around 9PM, on 25-9-12

Teams were formed of 12 to 14 candidates in a group.

They provided two GD topics and told us to select one by voting.

And we finalize one of them with 100% votes on the same topic.

They asked us to make GD rules ourselves, evrybody was asked for the rule.

After that they gave us approx 2 minutes to think and note down on the paper.

After that evrybody was ,one by one, given chance to speak on the topic. After that eveybody was open to speak at his own, randomly. At last every body has to speak/summarize the thoughts for 1 minute only per person, in reverse diretion , mean initially they started GD from the right of circle of seating arrangement and now from left side seating arrangement. (The person started GD had to speak /summarize at last).

Only after one hour of completion of GD of all groups result was out.

Result declared at 11PM.

Approx 25% were eliminated.

IBM second day

***********NEXT DAY of selection process came....*********


Reporting Time for Interview 8:30AM

Interview started approx 9:15AM.

Pre-Requisite: Two passport size photos, Two copies of Resume.

All Original Documents and photocopies of their also.

It was pure HR only, no technical.

Interviewer asked average 3 logical/puzzle questions from each candidate. Like to swap 2 no's without using third variable, if you solved it through +(plus) and -(minus) then you have to solve without + and -. Here you can make use of divide and multiplication in place of plus and minus.

I done both very easily. And you can also do.

3 bulbs are there outside the building and their switches are inside, and you have to find which switch is for which bulb. And you can go in the switch room once, and go outside the building to check bulbs one time only.

 Its very easy by using the concept of heat, bulb glows for a while it will go hot. First on 1st bulb and stay in room till it get heated up after a while switch it off, another switch could be kept on after previous one is made off.

Around at 2PM result was out and only 15% approx were unable to crack. That is out 59 interviewed 51 welcomed by IBM as an IBM And with the grace of Saraswati Mata and blessings of my family and friends I was one of them.

After that document verification started and you have to fill-up application forms provided by them on spot and attach your documents and provide photo also. Who don't have passport ready have to apply and make it ready before joining. You should have all details regarding you ID like driving License etc. You have to mention two referees in form,one could be TPO with mobile no's.

Those who have prior experience, M.Tech students after B.Tech may experience, should have their joining Letter with experience and Last salary slip.