IBM Aptitude-General Contributed by admin updated on Jul 2020
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  • 2 pipes A and B can fill a tank in 30minutes and 20 minutes respectively. B filled ¾ of the tank. Then for the rest both A and B filled the tank. How much time it took to fill the entire tank.

  • 5 monkeys eat 5 bananas in 5 minutes. Then how many monkeys can eat 20 bananas in 20 minutes.

  • A does a work in 20 days. A did for 28 days. Then b came. They together take 76 days to complete the 7 job. Find howmany days B complete a work.

  • My house number is
      if not multiple by 3 it is with in 50-59
      if not multiple by 5 it is with in 60-69
      if not multiple by 10 it is with in 70-79
      find house number.

  • After 6 years the ratio of age of X and Y will be 5:6. Before 6 years it was 3:4. Find the age of younger one.

  •  The arithmetic mean of two numbers is 10 and the geometrid mean is 8. Find the two numbers.

  • 3 consecutive non zero number which of these will result a positive odd integer.
    1. x+y+z
    2. xy-z
    3. x-y-z

  • 420 km distance. It goes at a speed of 10km/hr less than it took 1.4 hour. Find the initial speed.

  • Tem, Harry and Dick are three friends. From these two are musicians.
      Shorter one is older musician.
      Shorter one is younger musician.
      Taller is the younger musician.
      Find the two musician.

  • A’s mother is only daughter of B’s mother. B is A’s what.

  • In a 20 liter mixture of milk and water, the ratio of milk and water is 3:1. How much milk is to be mixed with the mixture so as to make the ratio 4:1.

  • For a party 240 guests were invited. Contractor have gained 12.5% profit. But 30 guests were absent. He charged the same amount for a meal and lost 100 rupees. How much a meal costs.

  • Out of three A,B,C one is thief. All give two statements. One is false another is true. Find the thief.
     A-i did not do, B did not do.
     B-i did not do, C did not do.
     C-i did not do, I donot know who did it.

  • The sides of an isocles tringale are given. The perpendicular distance is given. Find the base of the tringale.(Numerical values are given, but I donot remember)

  •  In a tringale length of 3 sides are given. It is given to find the highest length of scale which can be used to measure all the sides.(To find gcf).

  • There is a metallic cylinder of radius r and height h is melted. If the radius of smaller cylinder is r/10 and height is h/10, then howmany small cylinders are made from the molten.


  • What is weak typing.

  • What is pure virtual function.

  • Which is not a member of unix shell.  (rbash,cbash,nbash,kbash,gbash)

  • Which is an error.
       Int *p[3]
       Int (*p)[3]
       (Int *)(int ,int)
       Int (*p[3])
       Int *(p[3])

  • Which is not a processor.

  •  a[5]=={1,2,3,4,5}

  • what is the output.
    if(r= =5!= =4)

  • for(i=0,j=0;i<10,j<10;i++,j+);
     printf("%d",j);  (compilation error,run time error,0)

  • Which is not an inter process communication.
     (tee,shared memory,pipe,queue,file)

  • for loop on string.

  • Which is not a database.

  • #define prod((a>b)?a*a:b*b)
     int p==0,q==-1;
     what is result.

  • what is reference.
    Some loop statements on "c" are given which are very easy.

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