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Huawei Placement Paper

                                                   Huawei Question Paper




1. Following some pattern, understand the table and find the answer?







2. Find the missing number:

 1 10 3 9 5 8 7 7 9 6 ? ?


3. If it was two hours later, it would be half an hour as long until midnight as it will be if it were an hour later. What is the time now?


4. In a city, 80% speaks English, 70% speaks Hindi and 10% do not speak both. It was found that 162 people talk both. How many are there in the city?


5. Find the missing number:

0 6 24 X 120


6. Which is not 'lean year':

 1900 2000 1952 1980


7. Find the missing number:

J, ?, M, ?, M, J, ?, A, S, O, N, ?


8. There are 27 pearls in a bag. One among them is less in weight. You have been given 2 pan weight machine. In how many trials, you will be able to find the defected one?


9. Direct distance between A & B is 200. Direct distance between B & C is 200. Direct distance between C & A?


10. There are 30 socks in a bag. 30% is in blue color. What is the probability to take  two blue socks?


11. In a ground, there are two poles in 7 ft & 12 ft respectively. They are 12 ft apart from each other. What is the distance between the edges of two poles?


12. You need to print an document of the area 216 sq cm. Condition is 3 cm margin is to be left at both top & bottom and 2 cm at the sides. What 'd be the optimized size of your paper?


13. In a party, every man has his dog with him. There are 22 heads and 72 legs all together. How many men & dogs are there?


14. Ram writes a number between 1 to 1000. Raja wants to know the number, knowing Ram can answer only yes & no and always speaks truth. What will be the minimum number of questions Raja finds the answer.

a. 999





15. How many ways a section of four letter word can be made in complete alphabet?


16. Find the missing number:

0, 0.577, 1, 1.732, ?

a. 0.656





17. 17171717171.....(101 digits) is divided by 625. What is the answer?


18. Synonym for ZENITH:


19. June 30, 2004 is wednesday. What is June 30, 1974?


20. Two different types of tea are mixed, at 6 Kg of type 1 and 4 Kg of type 2. One Kg of type 1 is Rs. 6 and that of type 2 is Rs. 7. The seller get 10% profit, by this action. Find at what price, he 'd have sold the mixture/Kg?


21. There are 10 people in a party. "How many other people, you met?" is the question asked to everyone. First person says 1, Second says 2, Third says 3..........ninth says 9. Now what tenth person 'd have answered?


22. Find the missing number:

24 : 15 :: 63 : ?


23. A metal ball weighing 10 gm is drooped from 20 meter height tall point. What will be the time to reach ground?


24. All the students of class are told to sit in circle shape. Here the boy at the 6 th position is exactly opposite to 16 th boy. Total number of boys in the class?


25. The average mark of 10 students is 80%. Later it was found that for one student, instead of 60%, the recorded 90%, by mistake. Now the corrected new percentage?


26. The distance b/w 2 places is 1000 miles and a man has a camel which eats an apple/mile. He has 3000 apples and want to transport from one to another. Camel can take 1000 apples at a time. when reaching the destination how many apples will be with him?


27. How many 3-digit numbers will be there which are divisible by 19?


28. How many 3-digit numbers with at least one 5 in their digits?


29. find the next term

0, 6, 24, 120, -


30. Each term is obtained by adding multiples of 6 with series



31. There is 12 perls. One of them is either light or heavy than others. There is a weighing pan. How many trials are needed to find the exceptional one.


32. There is a work which can be completed by A with 12 days and B by 18 days. A and B works together for 3 days and B left. After that how many days for A to complete the work?


33. 1992 Feb have 5 sundays. In which year, the month Feb have 5 Sundays next?


34. There are 2 pots each filled with water and milk respectively. Some amount of milk is poured into water pot and then the same amount of mixture in water pot is poured into milk pot. which is true?

a. the amount of milk in water pot is greater than the amount of water in milk pot.

b. the amount of milk in water pot is less than the amount of water in milk pot.

c. the amount of water in milk pot is same as that of amount of milk in water pot.

d. cannot be determined.


35. In a party there are women and cats.There are 18 heads and 72 legs altogether. How many women and cats?


36. The sum of 25 consequtive integers (including negative, positive and zero) is divisible by

a. 5

b. 10

c. 25


37. There is a population of N numbers and each person in the population shake hands with every other person. Which is true?

a. If N is even, even no of shake hands

b. if N is even, odd no of shake hands

c. if N is odd, even no of shake hands

d. if N is odd, odd no of shake hand


38.  A Toy train can make 10 sounds sound changes after every 4 mins, now train is defective and can make only 2 sounds. Find probability that same sound is repeated 5 times consecutively (1 out of)?


39.  20men and 20 women are there, they dance with each other, is there possibilty that 2 men are dancing with same women and vice versa.


40. In school there are some bicycles and 4wheeler wagons. One Tuesday there are 234 wheels in the campus. How many bicycles are there?



C programming

1.Find the output

 void checkA()


int a=2;


printf(" 3 ");


printf(" 2 ");




2.Find the output



char P[]={"Hello World"};

printf(" %s \n",p);




3.  find the output

UINT i,j;

i = j = 0;

i = ( i++ > ++j ) ? i++ : i--;


4. find the output

# define D 10

# define Y D+10

# define D 30

main(int argc, char *arc[])


printf(" %d \n",D);



5. Find the output

 # define TRUE 0



int i=0;



printf(" %d \n",i);



printf(" %d \n",i);]


6.         UCHAR j;


Number of iterations?


7.         main()


int a[5];



for(i=2 ; i<4 ; i++)

a[i] = a[i-1] + a[i-2];


What are the elements of array?


8. How many additions are done in this program






9.         i=6720,j=4;





print i;

what is the output?


10. what is a bit=field?


11. Storage class defines

a. scope

b. scope and permeance

c. permeance


12.       main()


int x=0;


print x;


fun(int x){


print x;


what is the output?


13.  Changing some of the bits to a desired pattern is known as

a. masking

b. Pruning


14.       main{

int i=1;


int i=2;

print i;



print i;


what is the output.


15. What are the values printed by the following program?

#define dprint(expr) printf(#expr "=%d\n",expr)



int x=7;

int y=3;



a) #2 = 2

b) expr=2

c) x/y=2 d) none

Answer: c


16. Which of the following is true of the following program



char *c;

int *p;

c =(char *)malloc(100);

ip=(int *)c;



ans: The code functions properly releasing all the memory allocated


17. output of the following.



int i;

char *p;


p=(char *)i;






18. Which is the output produced by the following program



int n=2;

printf("%d %d\n", ++n, n*n);


a) 3,6

b) 3,4

c) 2,4

d) cannot determine

Answer : b


19. What is th output of the following program?

int x= 0x65;



char x;



a) compilation error

b) 'A'

c) 65

d) unidentified


20. What is the output of the following program



int a=10;

int b=6;



printf("%d %d\n",a,b++);


a) 10,6


c) 3,6

d) 3,7

e) none

Answer : a