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Huawei Candidate-Experiences


Hi all... here Im sharing my experience of getting selected in HUAWEI.......There are 3 rounds..

1. Written

2.Technical interview

3.HR interview.
In written paper has 3 sections..

First was-Apptitude(10) second was-technical(20)...third was-english(5). 

English section was very easy.

Technical and aptitude are too much  because technical having lots of quess of ee and moreover time was just 30 minutes..... 

Out of 500 students they selected 122 got selected in written and after technical only 75 . 

In technical they mainly have 9 panels and asking about wireless comm,optical comm and other subjects of ec....gsm was most asked topic of that day..

After technical they gave forms for hr and in that only 30 got selected..

HR is taken in panel and both 2 panels had one chinese person with Indian person....

The main elimination round was hr and they asked technical as well as simple ques ...

Main problem was that Chinese persons are not very clear in pronunciation and thats why hr was not easy.. at 1:00 p,m. in night we got result and distributed offer letters.............. 

So guys,,,,bets of luck!!!!!! 
with regards..
Prashant Sharma.