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HUAWEI Model Aptitude (40 questions)


1. Kim can do a work in 3 days while David can do the same work in 2 days. Both of them finish the work together and get Rs.150. What is the share of Kim?

            A.   Rs.30       

            B.   Rs.60

            C.   Rs.70       

            D.   Rs.75



2. Ronald and Elan are working on an assignment. Ronald takes 6 hours to type 32 pages on a computer, while Elan takes 5 hours to type 40 pages. How much time will they take, working together on two different computers to type an assignment of 110 pages?

            A.   7 hours 30 minutes          

            B.  8 hours

            C.  8 hours 15 minutes           

            D.  8 hours 25 minutes



3. A Car travels at an average of 50 miles per hour for 2x1/2 hours and then travels at a speed of 70 miles per hour for 1x1/2 hours. How far the car did travels in the entire 4 hours?

            A.  120 miles  

            B.  150 miles

            C.  200 miles  

            D.  230 miles



4. The distance between two cities A and B is 330 Km. A train starts from A at 8 a.m. and travel towards B at 60 km/hr. Another train starts from B at 9 a.m and travels towards A at 75 Km/hr. At what time do they meet?

            A.  10 a.m      

            B.  10.30 a.m

            C.  11 a.m       

            D.   11.30 a.m



5. A man in a train notices that he can count 21 telephone posts in one minute. If they are known to be 50 metres apart, then at what speed is the train travelling?

            A.  55 km/hr   

            B.  57 km/hr

            C.  60 km/hr   

            D.  63 km/hr



6. If m and n are whole numbers such that mn = 121, then the value of (m - 1)n+1 is

            A.  1   

            B.  10

            C.  121           

            D.  1000



7. If 3(x-y)= 27 and 3(x+y)=243, then x is equal to

            A.  0   

            B.  2

            C.  4   

            D.  6



8. How many shares of market value Rs. 25 each can be purchased for Rs. 12750 brokerage being 2%?

            A.  450           

            B.  500

            C.  550           

            D.  600



9. The market value of a 10.5% stock, in which an income of Rs. 756 is derived by investing Rs. 9000, brokerage being 1/4% is

            A.  Rs. 108.25            

            B.  Rs. 112.20

            C.  Rs. 124.75            

            D.  Rs. 125.25



10. The cash realized on selling a 14% stock is Rs.106.25, brokerage being 1/4% is

            A.  Rs. 105.50            

            B.  Rs. 106

            C.  Rs. 106.50

            D.  Rs. 113.75



11. What is the square of 0.16?

            A.  0.4            

            B.  0.004

            C.  0.04          

            D.  4



12. A group of students decided to collect as many paise from each member of the group as is the number of members. If the total collection amounts to Rs. 59.29, the number of members in the group is

            A.  17

            B.  47

            C.  97

            D.  77



13. N number of persons decided to raise Rs. 3 lakhs by equal contribution from each. Had they contributed Rs. 50 each extra, the contribution would have been Rs. 3.25 lakhs. How many persons are there?

            A.  400           

            B.  500

            C.  550           

            D.  600



14. On a sports day, if 30 children were made to stand in a column, then 16 columns could be formed. If 24 children were to stand in a column, then how many columns could be formed?

            A.  20

            B.  22

            C.  29

            D.  452



15. Along a yard 225 meters long, 26 trees are planted at equal distances, one tree being at each end of the yard. What is the distance between two consecutive trees?

            A.  9 meters    

            B.  12 meters

            C.  15 meters  

            D.  18 meters



16. A lent Rs. 5000 to B for 2 years and Rs. 3000 to C for 4 years on simple interest at the same rate of interest and received Rs. 2200 in all from both of them as interest. The rate of interest per annum is

            A.  5%            

            B.  7%

            C.  8%            

            D.  10%



17. Reshma took a loan of Rs. 1200 with simple interest for as many years as the rate of interest. If she paid Rs. 432 as interest at the end of the loan period, what was the rate of interest?

            A.  3.6            

            B.  5.6

            C.  6   

            D.   18



18. An iron cubes of side 10 cm is hammered into a rectangular sheet of thickness 0.5 cm. If the sides of the sheet are in the ratio 1 : 5 the sides are

            A.  10 cm, 50 cm        

            B.  20 cm, 100 cm

            C.  40 cm, 200 cm      

            D.  None of these



19. How many cubes of 10 cm edge can be put in a cubical box of 1 m edge?

            A.  10

            B.  100

            C.  1000         

            D.  10000



20. Three unbiased coins are tossed. What is the probability of getting at least 2 heads?

            A.  1/2            

            B.  1/4

            C.  1/3

            D.  1/8



21. Two pipes A and B can separately fill a cistern in 60 minutes and 75 minutes respectively. There is a third pipe in the bottom of the cistern to empty it. If all the three pipes are simultaneously opened, then the cistern is full in 50 minutes. In how much time, the third pipe alone can empty the cistern?

            A.   90 min     

            B.  100 min

            C.  110 min    

            D.  120 min



22. A fruit seller had some apples. He sells 40% apples and still has 420 apples. Originally, he had

            A.  588 apples            

            B.  600 apples

            C.  672 apples

            D.  700 apples



23. How many liters of pure acid are there in 8 liters of a 20% solution?

            A.  1.4            

            B.  1.5

            C.  1.6            

            D.  2.4



24. A train 220 m long is running with a speed of 59 kmph. In what time will it pass a man who is running at 7 kmph in the direction opposite to that in which the train is going?

            A. &n