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Hexaware Whole Testpaper

                                                 Hexaware Sample Paper

Hi friends, the qns mentioned r truly correct & precise .there were 100 qs in all comprising of 20 qs in Eng, 30 qs in maths & 50 qs in their particular stream.


(1-5) find out antonyms:

1) scrupulous 
A) understood 
B meticulous 
C careless 
D rude 
E witty 
Ans c

2) tacit 
A calm 
B silent 
C intelligent 
D spoken 
E rude 
Ans D

3) lustrous 
A dull 
B freaky 
c delicious 
D spicy 
E gloomy 
Ans A

4) admonish 
A taunting 
B appreciate
C scold 
D faint 
E shrilly 
Ans B

5) raucous 
A silky 
B hairy 
C decent 
D freaky 
E noisy 
Ans C

TIPS: 1) for maths section refer to R.S Aggarwal & R.D Sharma of 10+2


1)a rhombus has area 432 sq m, one diagonal is 36 cm. find other diagonal ? 
Ans 24 cm

2) an equilateral triangle has perimeter a cm . find its area . 
Ans a2/12?3

3) average of seven nos is 25. avg of first three of them is 35 while last three of them is 20. find 4th no. 
Ans 10 

4) find avg of all nos. which lies b/w 1 and 100 & r divisible by 7. 
Ans. 52.5

5) avg of three nos is 33. first one is as much more than avg as third one is less than avg. 
Ans 33

6) find sum of series: 1+ 0.1+0.001+0.0001+…………. 
Ans: 10/9

7) if price of t.v set is reduced by 20%, then its sale increases by 80%, find net effect on sale value 
Ans 44%more

8) how much a decimal of 1/3600? 
Ans 0.00027

9) f(x): sq root of x ,g(x) : cube root of x, then find value: f(f(x)+g(x)) 
Ans 1.0

10) find loal max & min of 2 + f(2x2+ 3X +1) ?

11) find the point which is nearest to (1,2,3)

12)find 123 
det 456 Ans 0

13) integration of which is maximum for ?f(x),lim(0,1) ? a) 2x b) 2x2 c) 2x3 d)2 const fn 
Ans d

14) find vector perpendicular to 2i +5j +4k Ans 2i-12j+7k

15) speed of boat in still water is 9km/h . if boat moves upstream A to B in 2 hrs. & B to A in 1 hrs. Then find distance b/w A&B 
Ans 12

16) what no should be subtracted from 92555 to make it a perfect square ? 
Ans: 39

17) the probability of a student possessing a ball point pen in exam is 3/5 & possessing an ink pen is 2/3. find his probability of possessing at least one of them . 
Ans 13/15.

18) In an interview , the probability of appointing Husband is 1/5 while that of wife is ¼.find probability that only one of them get selected in interview. 
Ans :1/4

19) find the probability that a five digit no formed by 1,2,3,4,5 ( not repeated) are divisible by 4. 
Ans : 3/20.

20) find the probability in a group of 10 students sitting in a row , two of them always sit next to each other. 
Ans: (1/9) (not sure , u try urself)

21) A clock hand overtakes hour hand in 65 min the in how much time it will cover 65 time **** 
Ans none of all( refer to r.s . agg)

22) if no of employees are reduced by ratio x:y & their wages are increased by ratio p:q. then find the ratio to which their wages bill decreases 
Ans: xp: yq

23) Three sides of a triangle are given 15,11,7, find cosine of angles ? Ans : apply formula cosA= b2+c2-a2/2*c*b, cos B= a2+b2 –c2/2*a*b;

24) if a tap could fill entire tank in 18 hrs due to leakage, then in how much time tank can be emptied by leakage if tap can fill entire tank in 12 hrs without leakage? 
Ans: 6hrs

25) Three liquids were mixed in 5:4:1 ratios. If cost per kg for ach of them is 4.50, 3.75 & 5.10. Then in what price mixture should be sold to get 25% profit? 

26) Two commodities have cost per kg is 4.75Rs & 3.20Rswere mixed in a certain ratio so as to make cost price of mixture as 17.75 Rs. Find the ratio Ans 4:1.

Recommendations:1) you must have fundamental knowledge in every subject u have studied so far in degree course

2) NETWORKING, AUTOMATA,S/W ENGG(testing),H/w &memory based numericals,data structure(must),slight ADA


1) palindrome……… recognized by finite automata 
A may be 
B can be 
C can’t be 
D may not be 
Ans can’t be

2) error detection is done by 
a hamming codes 
B cycle redundancy codes 
C routers 
d others 

3) how many canonical expressions can be formed when edge =2

4) if i/ps in a stack are in order 1,2,3,4,5 the order of o/ps is 
Ans 5,4,3,2,1

5) a logic gates does response to i/p in 
a ) a sec 
b) hundredths of sec 
c)a few millions of sec 
d) a few billions of sec

6) shortest distance can be determined by which algorithm 
a) dynamic programming 
b) greedy method 
c) backtracking 
d) divide & conquer 

7) 7489 IC is 
a)32 bit rom 
B) 32 bit ram 
D)64 ram

8) value of max clock is given to which 
a) shift register 
b) counter 
c) logic gate 
d)flip flop 

9)in semantic analysis what we do 
A) arguments analysis 
B) syntactic constructs checking 

10) which of following a queue can perform 
A printer spooling 
B cpu scheduling 
C ****
D all of above 
Ans D

11) which of following is a continuous data structure in which insertion can take place from any direction but deletion takes place from opposite direction 
A) stack 
B) queue
C) array 
D) tree 
Ans B

12) how much channels an ISDN has in which different operations are done simultaneously 
b) 3
c) 4 
d) 5 

13) which n/w comprises a server in center & rest nodes surround it ? 
Ans star n/w

14) a tree in which every node(value) which exceeds parent node is placed on right while node lacking than parent is placed on left Is called ? 

15) thrashing is done when o) don’t know## 

16) A que was on finding no of nodes in a tree having 16 child nodes (note : not exact but try to do such sums on tree in data structure)

17) another que was of sort that def of a tree was given in two statements & was asked which five option is valid for this def? ( note : validity was asked on the base of no of childs & parents nodes) A) r child, r+1parents 
B) r child, r parents 
C) r+1 child, r parents 
D)r+1 parent , r child E)#####

18) hashing table signifies what ?

19) how many address bits should there be in segmentation with paging to show 512 segments each having 64 pages . Ans 15

20)a que was of sort that in round robin scheduling four jobs A,B,C,D were given to queue having completion time 4,1,2,1 . the quantum period was unit sec. then find throughput time of job A.

21) how many paths would be formed to make a complete n/w between four nodes 
Ans 4+3+2+1=8 

22) segment statements are stored in ?

23) alias statement are invoked by ?

24) if any Automatic variable is not intialised then it will have? A garbage B 0 C -1D 1

25) recursive language is recognized by A turing m/c B non finite automataC finite automata D##### ( note: refer to theory of computation & automata)

26) which protocol is used for identifying IP address A arp B rarp C x.25 D****

27) S->By/w
B-> A/y
c-> x then corresponding string is
a) x*w+ y*w b)########### (note refer to toc&a)

28) how many words can be stored in a memory of 64K?

29) Aloha is Ans channel allocation algo

30)frequency bandwidths are allotted to message by 
A) modem 
B) frequency division mux C###### 
Ans B

31) message passing is what ?

32) tell the addressing mode in which contents of operand are direct fetched from memory without change A) indirect B) index register mode C) implied D) base register
Ans C

33)which one of these always reside in memory? 
A) assembler 
B) linker 
C) loader 
D) compiler 
E) none of these.