Heavy Water Board Placement Paper Contributed by Karishma updated on Jan 2021

                               Heavy Water Board - Model Question Paper


General Knowledge Questions:


1. Which is the highest literary award of the world?
A: Nobel Prize 
B: Booker Prize
C: Pulitzer Prize 
D: Magsaysay Award

2. Which body of UNO gives advisory opinion on legal matters to the bodies and special agencies of the UNO?
A: The Security Council 
B: International Court of Justice
C: Trusteeship Council 
D: Secretariat

3. Which among the sources of energy tapped in India has shown the largest growth till the Eighth plan?
A: Hydro 
B: Thermal
C: Gas 
D: Nuclear

4. When was Mandela inaugurated as first black President?
A: 1994 
B: 1999
C: 2000 
D: None of the above

5. Where is the sports stadium, Green Park, located?
A: Kanpur 
B: Jamshedpur
C: Cuttack 
D: Patiala

6. Which of the following are the important sects of Islam?
A: Catholics and Protestants 
B: Sunnis and Shias
C: Mahayana and Hinayan 
D: None of the above

7. Which is the state with largest urban population?
A: West Bengal 
B: Maharashtra
C: Kerala 
D: Goa

8. Which Bank has the maximum number of branches?
A: ICICI Bank 
B: HDFC Bank
C: State Bank of India 
D: State Bank of Patiala

9. Which of the following agencies related to the United Nation was in existence before the Second World War?
A: Food and Agricultural Organisation 
B: International Labour Organisation
C: World Health Organisation 
D: International Monetary Fund

10. When was Zoroaster, the founder of Zoroastrianism born in Media(Iran)?
A: 2000 BC 
B: 660 BC
C: 1075 BC 
D: 740 BC

11. Which missile is designed to defend large installation like oil-fields etc. against enemy air attacks?
A: Akash 
B: Nag
C: Agni 
D: Prithvi

12. When was Lord Buddha born?
A: 586 BC 
B: 1000 BC
C: 560 BC 
D: 750 BC

13. Which are the important minerals found in manipur?
A: Sillimanite, nickel, petroleum 
B: Oil, coal, manganese
C: Iron, lime, bauxite 
D: None of the above

14. Which language is spoken in Karnataka?
A: Marathi 
B: Hindi
C: Malayalam 
D: Kannada

15. Which amongst the following mammals has the highest metabolic rate in terms of oxygen consumption (mm3/g hour)?
A: Dog 
B: Mouse
C: Rabbit 
D: Rat

16. Which is the sacred text of Hinduism?
A: The Vedas 
B: The Bhagavad Gita
C: The epics of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana 
D: All of the above

17. Which is the place of worship for Judoists?
A: Synagogue 
B: First temple
C: No church or temple 
D: Monastery

18. Which is the associated sport of Bombay Gold Cup?
A: Basketball 
B: Weightlifting
C: Hockey 
D: Football

19. When was table tennis introduced in Olympics?
A: 1896 at Athens 
B: 1988 at Seoul
C: 1924 at Paris 
D: 1924 at Seoul

20. When was Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo da Vinci?
A: 1431 AD 
B: 1492 AD
C: 1504 AD 
D: 1556 AD


21. Which of the following are the member countries of the commonwealth?
A: Australia, Tonga, UK and Zimbabwe 
B: Nigeria, Pakistan, India, Jamaica and Singapore
C: Mauritius, Maldives, Ghana, Bangladesh 
D: All of the above

22. Which of the following inventions were done by Thomas Alva Edison?
A: Incandescent lamp 
B: Phonograph C (Gramophone) and microphone
C: Carbon telephone transmitters 
D: All of the above

23. Which are the main crops of Arunachal Pradesh?
A: Rice, maize, millet, wheat, mustard 
B: Rice, tobacco, oilseeds, jute, cotton
C: Tea, jute, rice, cotton, silk 
D: None of the above

24. When was Prophet Mohamed, the founder of Islam, born?
A: 420 AD 
B: 570 AD
C: 868 AD 
D: 1138 AD

25. Which language of India belongs to Dravidian family?
A: Languages of Northern India 
B: Languages of Southern India
C: Languages of Eastern India 
D: Languages of Western India


Aptitude Questions:

1. It was calculated that 75 men could complete a piece of work in 20 days. When work was scheduled to commence, it was found necessary to send 25 men to another project. How much longer will it take to complete the work?

2. A student divided a number by 2/3 when he required to multiply by 3/2. Calculate the percentage of error in his result.?

3. A dishonest shopkeeper professes to sell pulses at the cost price, but he uses a false weight of 950gm. for a kg. His gain is ...%.?

4. A software engineer has the capability of thinking 100 lines of code in five minutes and can type 100 lines of code in 10 minutes. He takes a break for five minutes after every ten minutes. How many lines of codes will he complete typing after an hour?

5. A man was engaged on a job for 30 days on the condition that he would get a wage of Rs. 10 for the day he works, but he have to pay a fine of Rs. 2 for each day of his absence. If he gets Rs. 216 at the end, he was absent for work for ... days.

6. A contractor agreeing to finish a work in 150 days, employed 75 men each working 8 hours daily. After 90 days, only 2/7 of the work was completed. Increasing the number of men by ________ each working now for 10 hours daily, the work can be completed in time.

7.what is a percent of b divided by b percent of a?
(a)a (b)b (c)1 (d)10 (d)100

8. A man bought a horse and a cart. If he sold the horse at 10 % loss and the cart at 20 % gain, he would not lose anything; but if he sold the horse at 5% loss and the cart at 5% gain, he would lose Rs. 10 in the bargain. The amount paid by him was Rs. _______ for the horse and Rs.________ for the cart.

9. A tennis marker is trying to put together a team of four players for a tennis tournament out of seven available. males - a, b and c; females – m, n, o and p. All players are of equal ability and there must be at least two males in the team. For a team of four, all players must be able to play with each other under the following restrictions:
b should not play with m,c should not play with p, and a should not play with o.
Which of the following statements must be false?
1.b and p cannot be selected together
2.c and o cannot be selected together
3.c and n cannot be selected together.

10. Five farmers have 7, 9, 11, 13 & 14 apple trees, respectively in their orchards. Last year, each of them discovered that every tree in their own orchard bore exactly the same number of apples. Further, if the third farmer gives one apple to the first, and the fifth gives three to each of the second and the fourth, they would all have exactly the same number of apples. What were the yields per tree in the orchards of the third and fourth farmers?

11. Five boys were climbing a hill. J was following H. R was just ahead of G. K was between G & H. They were climbing up in a column. Who was the second?

12. Eight friends Harsha, Fakis, Balaji, Eswar, Dhinesh, Chandra, Geetha, and Ahmed are sitting in a circle facing the center. Balaji is sitting between Geetha and Dhinesh. Harsha is third to the left of Balaji and second to the right of Ahmed. Chandra is sitting between Ahmed and Geetha and Balaji and Eshwar are not sitting opposite to each other. Who is third to the left of Dhinesh?

13. If every alternative letter starting from B of the English alphabet is written in small letter, rest all are written in capital letters, how the month “ September” be written.
(1)SeptEMbEr (2)SEpTeMBEr (3)SeptembeR (4)SepteMber (5)None of the above.

14. The length of the side of a square is represented by x+2. The length of the side of an equilateral triangle is 2x. If the square and the equilateral triangle have equal perimeter, then the value of x is _______

15. It takes Mr. Karthik y hours to complete typing a manuscript. After 2 hours, he was called away. What fractional part of the assignment was left incomplete?