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HDFC Placement Paper

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1. Praveen Kumar Tripathi took over as the Chief Secretary of which of the following governments on 4 April 2011?
a. Delhi Government
b. Haryana Government
c. Uttar Pradesh Government
d. Uttarakhand Government

2. Which of the following companies bought the Pringles brand from Procter & Gamble Co for $1.5 billion?
a. Diamond Foods Inc
b. PepsiCo's Frito-Lay
c. Emerald Nuts
d. Kettle Potato Chips

3. The Basic Customs Duty exemption was proposed to be extended to which of the following sectors?
a. art and antiquities for exhibition or display in private art galleries
b. Cinematographic film, factory-built ambulances
c. syringes and needles
d. agricultural machinery

4. Which super luxury carmaker on 7 April 2011 unveiled Continental GT sedan in India?
a. Ferrati
b. Bentley
c. Maybach
d. Maserati

5. What amount of money was allocated for Bharat Nirman?
a. 1000 crore
b. 58000 crore
c. 55438 crore
d. 14362 crore

6. Who defeated Tamarine Tanasugarn on 15 Feb 2010 to retain the Pattaya Open title?
a. Vera Zvonareva of Russia
b. Sabine Lisicki of Germany,
c. Ayumi Morita of Japan
d. Kimiko Date Krumm of Japan

7. Which of the following Indian cricket is the most heavily insured player for the forthcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) 4 T-20 tournament which begins on 8 April 2011?
a. Sachin Tendulkar
b. Yuvraj Singh
c. M S Dhoni
d. Virender Sehwag

8. The Union Budget for 2011-12 proposed lowering of qualifying age for tax relief for senior citizens from 65 years to _?
a. 55
b. 58
c. 60
d. 62

9. When is the National Youth Day observed?
a. January 14
b. February 14
c. August 31
d. January 12

10 .What is Tejas?
a. Spacecraft
b. Missile
c. Submarine
d. Light combat aircraft

11. Mr. Rahul spends 30% of his monthly salary on domestic expenses. He spends respectively 20% and 10% of the remaining salary on education of children and conveyance. Of the remaining amounts now he spends respectively 20% and 30% on entertainment and maintenance of house. He saves Rs. 5512.50. what is the monthly salary of Mr. Rahul?
a. Rs. 22,500
b. Rs. 20,000
c. Rs. 25,000
d. Rs. 24,500

12. The ratio of the present ages of Suman and Renu is 5: 7 respectively. Four years hence the ratio will become 3: 4 respectively. What is the present age of Renu in years?
a. 28
b. 24
c. 20
d. 21

13. A sample of milk contains 5% water. What quantity of pure milk should be added to 10 liters of milk to reduce the water content to 2%?
a. 5 liters
b. 7 litres
c. 15 litres
d. 12 litres

14. The difference between the compound interest and the simple interest on a certain sum of money at 5% per annum for 2 years is Rs. 1.50. Find the sum.
a. Rs. 800
b. Rs. 1200
c. Rs. 400
d. Rs. 600

15. A, B and C contract a work for Rs. 550. Together A and B are supposed to do 7/11th of the work. How much does C get?
a. Rs. 270
b. Rs. 200
c. Rs. 310
d. Rs. 175

16. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?
a. Earth
b. Moon
c. Saturn
d. Pluto

17. If water is called food, food is called drink, drink is called blue, blue is called red, red is called white and white is called brown, then what is the colour of blood?
a. Blue
b. Red
c. Brown
d. White

18. In a certain code language, the word ENQUIRY is written as YRIUQNE. How will the word REQUIRE be written in the code language?

19. In a certain code language DESERT is written RTSEDE. How will the word FAULTS the written in that code language?

20. How many meaningful English word can be formed by using the second, the fifth, the seventh and the tenth letters of the word APPROPRIATION, each only once, but in different sequence ?
a. One
b. Two
c. Three
d. None of these.

21. 916.258 – 72.4 = 728.2 + ?
(a) 115.86
(b) 125.68 
(c) 215.68 
(d) 216.04 
(e) None of these

22. 916.28 – 72.4 = 728.2 + ?
(a) 115.86 
(b) 125.68 
(c) 215.68 
(d) 216.04 
(e) None of these

23. 8994 – 4178-2094= ?
(a) 2720 
(b) 2726 
(c) 2730 
(d) 2734 
(e) None of these

24. 315 x 114 – 1565 = ?
(a) 34534 
(b) 34435 
(c) 34345 
(d) 33445 
(e) None of these

25. 1256÷(32x 0.25) = ?
(a) 160 
(b) 154 
(c) 165 
(d) 157 
(e) None of these

26. 69.2 x 18.4 x 4.5 = ?
(a) 5729.76 
(b) 5972.76 
(c) 5279.76 
(d) 5792.76 
(e) None of these

27. 58% of 960 -?% of 635 = 277.4
(a) 24 
(b) 36 
(c) 44 
(d) 58 
(e) None of these

28. 65% of 599= ?
(a) 345.65 
(b) 389.35 
(c) 413.75
(d) 436.85 
(e) None of these

29. 36% of 4800 x 0.2% of 1320 = ?
(a) 4535.52 
(b) 4551.36 
(c) 4561.92 
(d) 4572.48 
(e) None of these

30. ?% 35568 ÷ 650 = 456
(a) 12 
(b) 16 
(c) 18 
(d) 14 
(e) None of these

31. A long distance runner runs 9 laps of a 400 meters track every day. His timings (in minutes) for four consecutive days are 88,96,89 and 87 respectively. On an average how many meters/minutes does the runner cover?
(a) 40 m/min 
(b) 45 m/min
(c) 38 m/min 
(d) 49 m/min 
(e) None of these

32. Mohan travels 760 km to his home, partly by train and partly by car. He takes 8 hours if he travels 160 km by train and the rest by car, He takes 12 minutes more if he travels 240 km by train and the rest by car. The speed of the train and the car, Respectively are:
(a) 80 km/h, 100 km/h 
(b) 100 km/h, 80 km/h
(c) 120 km/h, 120 km/h 
(d) 100 km/h, 120 km/h 
(e) None of these

33. A boy rows a boat against a stream flowing at 2 km/ph for a distance of 9 km, and then turns round and rows back with the current. If the whole trip occupies 6 hours, find the boy’s rowing speed in still water.
(a) 4 kmph 
(b) 3 kmph
(c) 2 kmph 
(d) 5 kmph 
(e) None of these

34. A telephone number, a birth date, and a customer name are example of __________.
(a) a record 
(b) data
(c) a file 
(d) a database 
(e) None of these

35. The human-readable version of a program is called __________________
(a) source code 
(b) program code
(c) human 
(d) system code 
(e) None of these