HCL Technologies Interview Questions Contributed by Mansi updated on Jan 2022
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HCL Interview Questions

                                                HCL Interview Questions

Some of the HCL interview questions are given as follows:

1) Intoduce yourself

2) Your strengths and weakness?

3) Why HCL?

4)Why pointers are eliminated from java.?

5) What is the difference between a function and a method.?

6) Which part of JVM will allocate the memory for a java program.?

7). Which algorithm is used by garbage collector to remove the unused variables or objects from memory.?

8). How can you call the garbage collector?

9) What is JIT Compiler ?

10) What is an API document ?

11) What is the difference between #include and import statement?

12)What is the difference between print( ) and println( ) method ?

13)What happens if String args[] is not written in main( ) method ?

14) What is the difference between float and double?

15)What is a Unicode system ?

16) How are positive and negative numbers represented internally ?

17) What are control statements ?

18) What is a collection ?

19) What is the difference between return and System.exit(0) ?

20) On which memory, arrays are created in Java?

21) What is object reference ?