HCL Technologies Interview-HR Interview Contributed by Puneet Gupta updated on Jan 2022
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HCL General - Interview



These are some of the questions asked in interview of HCL Technology during the recruitment drive in MAIT(Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, Delhi)
1. What is a virtual function?
2. Diff b/w func. overloading and func overriding.
3. What is an abstract class?
4. What are "cin" and "cout" - a function or something else?
5. If class C is derived from class B and class B is derived frm class A, define the order in which constructor and destructor would be called if an object of class C is made and explain why?
6. If class A is an abstract class in above question, define the order in which constructor and destructor would be called if an object of class C is made and explain why?
7.What is pure virtual function?
8. Give exmples of virtual func and pure virtual func in real world.
9. Give example of function overloading in real world.
10. Can two parent classes of a derived class have a member function/variable having same name?
11. What is type convertion?
12. Can int be converted into float, float to int, char to int or int to char?
13. What is multilevel and multiple inheritence?
14. Write the structure of switch statement.
15. Some questions by shuffling various case statements, bringing default to top, removing break.
16. Give output:--
                 int a=5;
17.What is super( ); ?
18. Difference b/w c and c++ .
19. Why is java so popular?
20. What are bytecodes in java?
21. What is platform independence?
22. Write a Query to count the no. of rows in a table.
23. Write a query to find the second largest no. in a column.
24. Who is the author of C++ ?
1. Introduce yourself.
2. What do you know about HCL.
3. How many lamp posts are there in noida?
4. If you are given a 3 ltr and a 5 ltr jar, give two ways to measure 4 ltr water.
5. If you are given a 7 mtr rod, divide it into 7 equal parts by cutting it only 3 times.
6. Where is mount everest?
7. Can you shift mount everest from Nepal to Russia?
8. What are your plans for higher studies?
9. What are your preferred location of work?
10. Explain the project undertaken by you till date.
11. Give your idea of a good project.
12. What are your strengths and weekness?
13. If we send you to Japan, what are the problems that u'll be facing?
(Paper Submitted By : Puneet Gupta, MAIT)