HCL Technologies Interview Experience Contributed by Breethy updated on Jan 2022
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HCL Interview Experience

HCL is one of the most advanced companies that recruit hundreds of bright candidates. The questions paper involves various modern aspects that would test the basic knowledge of the candidates.This paper includes interview experience of a candidate.This paper will helps candidates to know about HCL interview pattern.

                                                 HCL Interview Experience

Hi this is Breethy .HCL conducted campus recruitment drive in our college.

There were 2 rounds
1.Written test
2.HR interview

Written Test:

The written test was online and was conducted for 2 hrs 10 min ..it consisted of four sections

1. quantitative section.-25 questions in 35 min
2. verbal section-25 question in 25 min
3. computer skills -25 question in 35 min
4. logical reasoning -24 question in 35 min

After the written test was over they announced the results of who cleared the aptitude. Out of 250 candidates 50 were in for the next round. The next round was HR Interview.

HR Interview:

When i went in, the hr was really really cool and he brought down my nervousness
Hr:hi am vasu
Me:hello sir am breethy

Hr:tell me about your memorable moment in school and college

Hr:do you know about the latest technology in the industry
Me:told.......blah blah blah

Hr:you are in eee how can i give you a job in IT
Me:sir i can perform the task assigned to me with confidence.and i can learn from people things i don’t know.
(i think he was impressed with this answer.he gave a smile)

Hr:your strength and weakness
Me:my biggest strength is my adaptability .i can suit myself to any kind of environment.and my dedication
(pls don’t say confidence as it is clearly visible in case you are nervous
Weakness:convert a positive trait to a negative one)

Hr:any queries
Me:sir how was my communication throughout .should i do any improvements
(pls do ask question don’t sit simply)

Hr:your communication was good .you were pretty relaxed and confident.handled everything in a cool way.but if you are a requirement of the company or not is a secret.
Me:thank you so much sir !!!!!!!!!!

And i left the hall. When they disclosed the result at 5 in the evening .i was one among them to get placed in hcl.my happiness knew no bounds. I thanked god for this opportunity.
Friends for aptitude- prepare frm any cat book or gre book.not only rs agarwal
For verbal -try to learn new words everyday and recall it at regular intervals
Pls do work out the quantitative question and logical question everyday
Start communicating with your friends in English .because the only thing they expect in hr is your communication .my friends who were not able to speak up fluently were deliberately rejected from the list.so pls pls do work on your communication.