HCL Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by A.Ananth Kumar updated on Jan 2022
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HCL Candidate-Experiences

Hello everyone, I am Ananth ,Btech ECE from Malla Reddy engineering college,Hyderabad.


I am going to share my experiences of HCL on campus Placement on 20th Jan 2015 and hope it may help u.....


Around 1500 Students attended for the drive and Placement process Consisted of 5 rounds...


on 20th JAN 2015 1st round : English Grammar test :- Consisted of 20 questions to be answered within 10 minutes . this round was easy and a few typical questions were asked,there were huge eliminations in this round.


2nd round: JAM/ Face to Face interview : unlike technical/HR interview,in this round the HR mainly concentrated only on the communication skills..Be confident,dont be nervous the questions are like Introduce yourself,hobbies,previous day or last week plans,and about college memories,they asked to leave for the day.there are eliminations in this round.


Day 2 : 21st Jan 2015 Started with HCL Pre-placement presentation.


3rd round: Technical Interview : This round is quite easy as the HR concentrated on the skills mentioned only in my resume and questions were asked only from that . the questions covered are topic on LINUX,OS,NETWORKS, and few questions about latest OS and latest technology in the world.Be Confident and keep smiling answering HR.There are eliminations in this round.


4th round : HR Interview : The HR round was so simple asked questions from pre placement presentation and then asked about ready to relocate,working in shifts ..there were eliminations in this round.


Day 3 : 24th Jan 2015 5th Round: AMCAT : The selected students are told to attend the Online aptitude test through amcat consisted of only 3 sections




Here also there were few eliminations.. Results were declared after a long wait so dont be tensed,


ALL THE BEST guys everyone will be placed in a Company 1 day .Don't Give up trying !!!!!