HCL Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by RAJESH DADI updated on Jan 2022
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HCL Selection-Procedure

Hello ...... I am Rajesh completed B.Tech in May of 2014 in ECE.


I attended HCL Technologies interview held on 21st jan 2015 at Geethanjali college of engineering and Technology, Hyderabad. Hope my interview experience will surely helps you, and it is as follows:


Totally 3 rounds will be there

1) Written test (conducted through Aspiring Minds)

2)Technical Interview

3)HR Interview


Day1: Around 1300 members attended for written test my schedule is at 1:00 PM

1) I felt written test is easy, it is enough to prepare previous amcat exam papers and R.S.Agarwal book. Test contains 4 sections C-Programming, Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and English.In C-Programming surely they will cover topics like sorting and output of programs, mostly they give theory part In Aptitude they will cover time and speed,work,distance, mostly number divisibility, average,percentage,profit and loss, permutation and combinations In Logical, odd man out, mostly directions, relations In english, 2 passages, synonyms, antonyms, sorting of jumbled lines Mostly the cut off would be 60% in all and english 50% By the same day at 7: 43 PM I got interview letter


Day2: 292 members cleared and faced Technical, luckily I am one among them


2)Technical round: Totally 12 panels will be there, my panel HR is female and very easier to convince her.

Me: May I come in...

HR: Ya... Me: Hello madam, very good afternoon( with smile )

HR: Good afternoon ( very serious ),take ur seat

Me: Thank u HR: Give me ur resume..

Me: Ya (given)

HR: Well Mr.Rajesh tell me some thing about ur self and family back ground, strengths

Me: told

HR: Weekness??

Me: You have to judge my weekness if any...!!!!

HR: Ohh..(smiled) ok u judge ur self

Me: sure, If I involved in studies I cannot get back frm that involvement very easily due to this my health may affected problem that is why I got specticles also

HR: Well... u r from ECE but this is the position of software engineer then hw can u manage

Me: As I know about electronics in B.Tech with best of my knowledge and I realize that one more thing is there to know which this world depends on which is software, so I its time to kick start my career with software

HR:good... by looking my resume., yes Rajesh u mentioned ur skills are basics of c programming and android.. Can I ask questions in that

Me: ya surely u can ask

HR: what is the difference between debugger and compiler

Me: told

HR: are u sure??

Me: absolutely

HR: ur favorite subject??( she expected frm software side)

Me: Ya Is this from electronics or software ??

HR: smiled..

Me: from electronics it is communication and from s/w it is android that is why I did even my projects in these two domains

HR: tell about ur projects??

Me: I did a project in B.Tech belongs to comm. and after B.Tech trained in android and done in that... Any way while I explaining my project she aborted me and asked to wait for HR Final round.


HR Final round:


Me: May I come in??

HR: Ya sure and please be seated

Me: ok thank u and very good evening sir

HR: gd evng ... could u pls wait for 2 minutes??(busy with work in laptop)

Me: ya sure sir

HR: well.... Why HCL??

Me: told

HR: started talking about package and ready to relocation and working hrs, etc..,

Me: I nodded my head for every thing

HR: u can leave now

Me: Can I ask one question??

HR: ya sure man??

Me: For which platform I am going to work ??

HR: it will depends on requirement there..

Me: ok thank u very much for giving this great opportunity

HR: fine bye..!!!


Day3: got invitaion letter Guys.... keep on trying surely u will get job...


do u know one thing?? I rejected in & MNC companies and not even cleared written test also, but now I became HCLet... Hey guys there will be no secret of success.. when u believe ur self u r perfect then surely nobody can stop u... All the very best guys.Thank you for given me this chance to share my interview experience