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Hi Guys, This is Charan. I've gotta say my experience in HCL interview held in Saveetha Engineering College Chennai on 31.10.10. 1st of all, i'm a fan of freshersworld.comSince my 1st ever interview on may 2008, i'm referring the placement papers from only.
Lets go for the run,
HCL aptitude test was held for 4 days. I attended it on the 4th day 8 am batch, Online test. 83 questions. 107 mins
Totally 4 sections:
* Verbal (25 questions, 25 mins): Stuffs like synonyms, antonyms, sentence arrangements, error detection, 
* Comprehension. basic english skills are quiet enough to get this
* Quantatitive and mathematical (25 questions, 35 min)  As our damn staffs said R.S. Aggarwal book age,     time and work, pipes and cisterns, profit and loss, simple interest and compound interest.  
* Logical (25 questions, 35 mins): Puzzles, seating arrangements, missing letters, find the next number, complete series. it's easy to crack
* Technical comprehension (8 question, 12 mins): 2 comprehension, 4 questions each., very easy
No negative marking, but there is sectional cut-off.
I was satisfied with my performance and eagerly waiting for results. On next evening, i've got mail that i've cleared the aptitude test and they've called for further rounds on the right next day i.e 2/11/10. That night i've prepared sum concepts and went thorough sum papers from, next morning i was there at 9.15 am. We've split into groups, each 10.
That was Technical GD. I never heard this ever before.
I was geared up to face that round,  it was like a GD but with technical topics. We were offered SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). Such a familiar topic for IT guys. He explained the topic and we've gotta brief it.
GD went so cool and everyone got the opportunity to discuss and it last for almost 40 mins. Within 10 mins,  results was announced, that 5 were selected from my batch of 10 and i am one of them, excited very much.
Finally HR interview,
As many guys told you, it was just for name sake. My interview lasts for just 5 mins, he gave a form to fill things. 18 months bond, relocation, any previous HCL offers? Nothing serious in it.
He told me to check my mails for 2 days and your results would be mailed.
Next evening i got mail, and i'm selected by HCL technologies.
Appeared for written: Almost 5500
Cleared written: 225
Cleared Technical & GD: Around 70
Don't know how many of them cleared HR, but hope all 70.
For the last 28 months, i've had attended almost 32 interviews and finally got it.  Never lose hope at any instance. Remember pepsi uma? like she said "keep trying and keep on trying"
Thanks for all the support from and team. Keep posting on your experiences and it may help others.
With regards,
See you in HCL.