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HCL Comnet campus recruitment experience HCL recruitment selection procedure

Hello friends I would like to share my experience in HCL Comnet

I am discussing the step by step procedure.....


We have reported at the venue at 9 O'clock on 20/12/2011

Then after waiting for 1 hour placement team arrives and they announced that they have shortlisted those candidates who have cleared AMCAT test and I got selected in this test. AMCAT is Aspiring Mind Common Admission Test, so a total of 1150 students participated in this placement drive, and after shortlisting around 800 students left for the rest of the process.


Now the second procedure was an English grammar test, a total of 20 questions are there which was to be done in 15 minutes, the test was simple any one can crack that test as it is normal grammar, i think the cut off is 11 out of 20. And i had clear this test too. So we are waiting for the results and around 1 o'clock they have announced the result and i have cleared that test also. Now we are waiting for the third round.


Now after waiting for 2-3 hours my name is called for communication assessment round, we are total 14 people sitting around a round table and one mam is there for taking this round. My turns come after 5 people. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself, I explained then she asked what i do in my spare time, then she asked why would you like to join HCL, I have explained this particular question in a very great manner, I told her that i belong to electronics background and i have not so much knowledge of networking but i am eager to learn networking, as HCL is providing a great learning platform to me, that’s why i would like to join HCL. That’s it now we are waiting for the result of this round the lady came and told the names of student who had cleared the communication assessment test. My name is there in the list and she told me to come next day for technical interview. So around 5 o clock I got free and went to my room and started preparing for technical interview.

Next day on 21/12/2011


Now on next day the  total of 213 candidates are selected for the technical interview, firstly the company had given its presentation regarding the company profile. After then we are waiting for our turn for technical interview, my turn came near around 8 o'clock, I have entered the room.....

Me: Sir may I coming

Sir: yes Mr raunak sure.

Me: Sir can I seat

Sir: Yes

Sir: Ok Mr Raunak tell me about yourself.

Me: Told......

Sir: Ok Raunak tell me something about what you have done in your 6 month industrial internship.

Me: I told each and every thing about my project.

Sir: Ok Raunak now tell me what do you know about DHCP.

Me: I have explained each and every thing regarding DHCP that it is a dynamic host control protocol. and soooooo...

Sir: Now Raunak tell me something about DNS.

Me: I have told each and every thing regarding DNS.

Sir: now tell me what is SONAR and how it works and how we can measure dept. of any thing using SONAR.

Me: I explained himmmmmm.

Sir: Now tell me something about transducer and also tell me that is an electric bulb is a transducer or not.

Me: I explained all the details...

Sir: Ok Raunak you can leave now and wait for your result.

for this company prepare networking.... results are out and I have cleared technical round now I am waiting for my turn for HR interview


Around 10.30 o'clock my turn came for HR interview

Sir asked me few questions

HR: Introduce yourself

Me: introduced myself

HR: then he asked why to join HCL

Me: I explained same thing that i have told in previous round.

HR: He asked me to select one from half full and half empty.

Me: I select half full and explained why this.

HR: Then he asked me if you fail in a task then what will you do.

Me: I explained that I will try my best to complete that job but he denied and told me 6 times that if you fails then what will you do, I stick to my words and explain same thing for the 6 times.

HR: Then he told to leave

Then am waiting for the results and around 11.30 results are out and finally i got selected. its an awesome experience.......