HCL Comnet Question-Paper Contributed by shreyasi updated on Dec 2021
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HCL COMNET Candidate Experience

Hello friends,

Here I m sharing my experience with HCL COMNET…First of all I would like to say that if you are not placed plz plz don’t get disheartened…for me also it was 7th company…The only thing is that you will have to believe in god  and your hard labour…..Now, here m telling you about my experience in each round..

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1st ROUND:-

It was group discussion…It was not unto the mark. But god knows how I got selected…in GD we had to only introduce ourselves..HR told me that shreyasi your speech is very flat kind. I was disappointed at that time but got selected  

2nd ROUND :-

Technical interview. Interviewer was very friendly…this helped me to improve my confidence…he asked me..which  is your interested subjected. I told DBMS..Then he asked other than that…I told networking…then he asked tell me about routers n bridges. I told him…

Draw the 7 layers of OSI model…

Difference b/w unicasting, multicasting and broadcasting. I was wrong here…he asked me in one to one concept(unicasting)..but I was all confident…at last I got selected..:-)

3rd ROUND:-

The third round was HR interview…the HR was very rude type…he asked me feedback about 4m student. I told him honest reply..(‘sir in HR round you are asked tech ques,but lemme c….”)Give  two examples 4m your life that proves  you are hardworking…

I gave eg. but he proved me wrong…Next he asked me questions related to my hobby…I replied to him…

at last I told him sir, I hope to c a positive feedback 4m your side…

I got selected…really it was unexpected thing 4 me….

4th round:-

The last round was written test…the test was in three parts…I do not remember the questions exactly. But here m mentioning some of them….

English:-opposite words,meanings,ques on paragraph…there were 25 questions….

Logical:- simple logical questions but it was lengthy

Appti:-The maths was average kind. Questions were 4m age, time n work, number systemetc…

All THE BEST!!!!