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Hey everyone!!! Some questions before I start up with my experience in HCL Comnet 
-How are you?
-Are you nervous for the interview you are going to appear for?
-Are you prepared for it?
-Are you confident enough?

Okay!! here it goes....
I was expecting either TCS or INFOSYS to be the first company @ my campus to start up with the recruitment but they landed up in getting a deal with HCL ISD. 
I am pursuing my Bachelor's in Electronics & Communications Engineering from United College of Engineering & Research, Allahabad and the drive was for all the eligible students from 

The rounds were a bit shocking for some students. Now why I said some because I came to know about the rounds some days prior to the arrival of HCL in our campus, by visiting and so did some other students. They were expecting a normal recruitment process consisting of an aptitude and an interview round but on the day 1 itself everyone came to know that its going to be a 5 round process and will go on for 2 more days. It was a 3 day process full of fun actually.

1- GRAMMER TEST(20 questions in 15 minutes )
2- FACE to FACE Communication
3- Technical Interview
4- HR Interview

HCL Comnet  First round 1 was easy to clear as it was not that difficult as we generally expect it to be.The cut-off i guess was 12 to get through, and I got maximum 20 in that round. Literally speaking, after that round i was much more confident about the whole process.
(approx 350 out of 550 cleared this round)

HCL Comnet  second round  was all about speaking anything but sensible. The whole idea about this round was to know weather the student is able to speak or not. Yeah, you can relate it to a kind of extempore. Students were called in a group of 16-18 and then the HR spoke to everyone one by one. Before my turn , i came to know that the common question being asked to everyone was,
''How was the first year experience and how is the life in college different from your school life?''

HCL Comnet discussion part

I started recollecting thoughts of my experience in first year but that didn't help me out because as expected I was asked with a different question. As my turn came I went in with a group of 18 students. It was fortunate enough for me that i wasn't the first to start up with the conversation. It was altogether a different set of questions being asked to everyone in my group. Some topics which students were asked to speak on were,

-Arrange marriage vs Love Marriage

I was asked to share what i have gained in past 3 years of my college life.
I spoke about confidence with all the experience I had in coordinating and organising events so spoke of everything related to that.
Next question was related to my resume about my trip to BANGKOK last month. I was prepared for that and told everything I experienced out there.
The topics were easy but we had to speak on for (say 2-3 minutes). This round went to next day till 4am. I was once again fortunate as i was done with this round by 7 pm on the same day, went back home, had a tight sleep as i was already prepared for the technical and HR rounds scheduled on next day.
(80 cleared this round).

HCL Comnet  Technical Hr part , I had to wait for my turn till 4 pm. Both the rounds were scheduled on the same day. I was asked everything related to computers. At one point, I had to speak that for this interview I have prepared basics of C, electronics & a bit of networking as the company is based on networking but the HR told me she is not aware of electronics and again started asking me about computers. Some topics were,
-Latest OS
-About Processors
and many more but everything related to computers. I felt unlucky but replied everything politely and in full confidence, even at times i gave the wrong answer and explained about it like whatever i am saying is right but it was idiotic on my part.
The HR had a smile and said, Mr. Arjit, are you sure about your answer?
I felt a bit relaxed with her smile and said..yea, may be ma'am. 
Meanwhile some idiot rang me up for 10 times. My phone was on silent mode but still i had to pull up my leg a bit to reduce the vibration of phone call, it was a weird situation for me. I was asked to leave then.
To my surprise, I was through to the next round.
By the way, there were 3 HR's in all and it was on luck which HR you gonna get. Others asked about C language, DBMS, JAVA, NETWORKING,etc.
Was i lucky then??? I leave it to you.

ROUND 4, the HR Interview, I'll go directly with the questions,
-Tell me about yourself?
-About hobbies?
-Role model?
-Why HCL?
-Strengths & Weakenesses?
-Why dip in percentage?
and many more but related to resume.
(38 went on to clear both the rounds)

HCL Comnet  AMCAT based online test consisting of 3 sections,

-Verbal Section
-Logical Reasoning
-Quantitative aptitude
There was no negative marking and we were not able to skip any question in between, had to attempt all.Verbal section was full of synonyms and antonyms, reading comprehension, etc Logical Reasoning was all about puzzles, statements & conclusions & Syllogism.

Quantitative section had simple questions .
R.S. Agarwal, both non-verbal and quantitative books are more than enough to clear this round.

(36 out of 38 cleared this round).

Be Relaxed!
Be Confident!
Be Prepared!

All the very best!!