HindustanAeronauticsLtd. Interview-other Contributed by Anirban Bhattacharya updated on Aug 2020
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hi all. I cleared HAL MT 2012 written.. but sadly.. I could not clear the interview. I would like to share my interview experience..

My HAL MT 2012 Interview Experience :-

Name : Anirban Bhattacharya
Branch : Mechanical
Category : General
Date : 8th Dec. Bengaluru
Centre : Venue 1, HMA

Document Verification : Normal (I just had a slight glance on my HAL MT 2012 marksheet during ...it was section-wise.. bt i cud only see 1 figure : 84.1, Iam not sure what it was..)

Slot : 12 Noon

Time : around 3 pm (after having a nice lunch of 45 Rs/- in d employee canteen)

Panel Members : 5 (all male, all were in mid-40s thru mid 50s)

Duration : 10-15 min. (quite less than normal)

Pre-Interview Preparation : Very Good

Overall Interview experience : VERY GOOD (8.5-9 out of 10)

Expectation : expecting 2 convert HAL

Questions Asked : (Tech. & HR equally, none 4m Project & Vocational Training)

1. Tell us about yourself. (ans : anirban special 1) (THE IMPACT of ANIRBAN) (all 5 praised it & by their expression. I thought 

2. cross questions on my 1st answer

3. favourite subject (I told dm my favourite. topics : Gas turbines, quality, IC engines, etc.)

4. What is quality. explain

5.Human quality. can it b measured (little screwed)

6.Quality management system

7. Quality standards (I told dm ISO 9000 series.. bt dy said ki which book you studied? & all these are old standards. I was wondering what 2 say?)

8.Reliability.difference between quality & reliability. 

9. why HAL 

10. production : types of grinding wheel.

11. Chairman's questions (11-14) : 

12. some question related 2 my answer..

13. what does your father do.. 

14. safety related questions based on q.11.

15. last member's question : difference between Impulse & Reaction turbine 

Are you interested in machining? what is rotameter?
last 1 min. of interview discussion on my interests in aeronautics & astronautics (since i told dm in 1st answer)

My Rating 2 Interviewer : 4.5/5 (frank & cooperative.

Quotes of dt day : 
1." arey unlog production 
2. to project 

My Final Conclusion : Yes, they are asking 4m production..2 all..& interview was different 4 evry1..kisiko tech. HR max. OR tech. min. yaa HR min. OR mere jaise...bt questions were basic & related 

so friends.. who kept themselves cool & smiled..& gave intellectual answers are sure 2 convert..

1 more thing : call ratio was 1:5...considering total candidates all branches , & speculations vr dat ki Mech. ki seats around 150 hain..all categories!!!! dy vl call 15-20 extra..

Last Lines : 

I was sure to convert HAL..bt i didn't. I think 1 of my answers the reason . I hope u guys & girls don't do mistake in any PSU interview.. :)

thnx 4 reading