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Hi frenz, I wrote HAL written test for the post Management Trainee on 13th nov 2008. I belong to the stream - computer science.


General structure:(totally 160 ques- 2 30 hrs)                           
G.K- 20 questions                            
Aptitude- 20 questions                           
Technical- 120 questions


some of the questions i do remember:


General knowledge:

1.Director of famous teleserial "MAHABHARATA"?

 ans: B.R.Chopra

2.Which spice in Europe called "Black Gold"?

 ans: pepper

3.Find the odd man out:  
4.The magic spell to open the door in Harry Potter?
 5.How many members in Rajya sabha?
ans: Max strength-250,actual strength-245



1.When the hands of the clock are opposite to each other between 4 and 5?

2. J/R : 11/10 :: T/K : ?

3.shave : ? : : Knife : cut

a)razor b)mirror c)lather…..

4.Given the volume of the cube,hw many litres it can hold?

ans: know the relation 1cu.m= 1kl(1000 litres)

5.Many questions were like asking the next expected figure,given a sequence of figures  


Technical questions:  

Most of the questions were from Theory of computation,try to learn the basics of compiler design(I dont exactly remember those ques)


Programming languages: 

Topics covered were: operator overloading,friend functions,virtual fns,this pointer(knw the concepts exactly)


1. auto variables when uninitialized,the default value is ?

ans: garbage value

2. scanf("%d,%d,%d",&a,&b,&c)

The input is 123456'

wat is the value in a,b,c?


Digital circuits and Computer architecture:  

Concentrate on logic families(especially TTL,CMOS- power supply and related questions)

Know all the gates logic(NAND,NOR)

Know all the number conversion(dec - hexa,hexa- octal,octal -hexa and all such ....)

Know the number arithmetic(1's & 2's complement,sign and magnitude)-also their range of representation for n bit no.


1.How many represntation are in , mod-6 counter ? also know no. of flipflops needed?

2.8086 - hw many bit processor?

ans :16

3.1111( a binary no) - 1111( a binary no)= ? ( in binary no)

4.Binary information stored in ?

a)ans:registers b)flipflop ....

5.GPU stands for

ans: Graphics Processing Unit

6.what is a Peripheral?

7. x * y = x + y    
z = x * y   
x * x =? (Boolean expressions)

8.The data rate of USB 2.0 /

ans: 480 megabits/s


Data structure:


Know the complexities of all trees,sorting,searching algortihms some of the ques from Analysis of algorithm(DAA)


1.For n non leaf nodes,how many nodes in the full binary tree?

ans: 2n+1


The test i attended has no ques from computer networks, DBMS( but there is a certainity for u) Comparatively the paper is quiet easy and the time is sufficient too.


Refresh the concepts of our core subjects completely and if u do so then the test would be an absolute doddle!                      


ALL THE BEST GUYS