HindustanAeronauticsLtd. Electronics-Communication-Engineering-ECE Contributed by VIJAY KUMAR P updated on Aug 2020
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HAL MT Management Trainee Examination on November 17,2013 ECE Question papers


I have written hal exam in ece stream on nov 17 2013 in vijawada here Iam sharing some questions based on my memory

HAL MT ECE Technical section Que stions

All questions are majorly from signals and systems and control systems

Mainly concentrated on laplace transform ,convolution, z transform

In analog some questions on mosfet find ids

In communcation questions related on modulation index shannon’s theorem

In circuits simple questions on kcl kvl source transformation

In digital electronics questions related to kmap,nand gates implementation

Im maths questions on numerical methods newton raphson method, limits and differential equations.

HAL MT ECE  General awareness Que stions

Emerging cricket player of the year 2012:sunil narine

Newly formed country in 2012:south sudan

Questions on book authors, geography

HAL MT ECE Reasoning Que stions

As usual questions on synonyms, antonyms, correction of sentences ,completion of sentences, paragraph inferring questions, questions on circular arrangement, completion of sequence, profit problems etc…

All the best

HAL questions are GATE model questions practice is important. Refer learn and practice HAL previous years solved question papers of aptitude technical questions