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HAL MT Exam |   11059
HAL Management Trainee Examination 2013 Electrical Engineering current affairs solved question papers

HAL MT 2013 Questions: of Electrical and current affairs questions asked in 13th November 2013,in Kanpur . Hal conducted on line exam for management trainees. Here are few questions that were asked in the HAL MT ONLINE exam (Electrical Engineering) held on 13th November at Kanpur. Maybe it proves useful for you. HAL Questions are GATE level Questions


HAL Electrical Engineering Questions Management Trainee Exam 2013

1. Victoria desert are in: Africa/North America/ South America/ Australia

2. Seychelles islands are located in: Indian Ocean

3. ICC 2012 ODI player of the year: Virat Kohli

4. Biggest rice exporter in the world: Thailand

5. Upper half power frequency of a series R-L-C circuit.

6. One question was from the Thyristor commutation techniques, in which there is capacitor in between.

7. Laminations are done to: minimize eddy current losses

8. If the energy of a function f(t) is E then the energy of the function f(2t) is: E/2

9. One question was given to find out the total time period func was 10cos(12pi.t) + 4 cos(18pi.t) ans is 1/3

10. Equivalent of a complex function given in the form 1/(a+j.b)= R + jX

11. One question was to find capacitance by the formula C= eA/d

12. One question was from the permittivity

13. Binary equivalent of 368

14. NOR Gate made by Mosfets

15. Meaning of Convolution theorem, basically it’s definition was asked

16. Properties of an ideal Op-Amp

17. One question from Op-Amp to find the output voltage, simple adder circuit was given but all answers were given wrong

18. Another circuit given of an Op-Amp to find it’s function, answer was Inverting Amplifier

19. Measurement of frequency: Wien Bridge

20. Frequency formula of the Wien Bridge Oscillator

21. Two questions to find Equivalent Thevenin’s impedances from the given networks

22. Equivalent impedance of a R-L Circuit in Rectangular format

23. Two questions from DC shunt motors, easy ones

24. DC Shunt generator to Motor speed ratio under same conditions

25. One question from Plugging: to find out terminal voltage of a DC shunt motor at the time of plugging

26. Steady State error of a type one function on Step input

27. Speed Slip relations of a DC Motor

28. Slip of a DC Motor under various operating conditions: Motoring, Generating, Braking

29. Effect on collector current on increasing base width of a transistor

30. Three equations were given to find out which one follow Hurwitz criterion

31. A transfer function was given and correct diagram of pole zero configurations were asked to find, depending upon the Root Locus properties.

32. JK Flip Flop output. Take a look on the JK Flip Flop’s truth table

33. A question was asked where we were supposed to find number of NAND Gates to realize a Boolean expression of three variables A, B, C but the expression itself was missing.

34. Fourier transform of a signal given signal such that f(t) = 1 } -1<= t <= +1, otherwise zero. The question was at which points Fourier transform of this signal will be zero. Answer is pi and 2pi

35. Two questions from Induction motors where slip was required to be found when- a.) Motor is running above synchronous speed in the direction of rotation and b.) Motor is running below synchronous speed in the opposite direction of rotation

36. To calculate Admittance matrix from a given diagram

37. One question from Transformer equation to find out Number of turns.

38. One question from Buck Converter to find maximum ripple in the current

39. From a given transfer function- which quantities do not depend on the system gain- a.) Peak time, b.) Rise time, c.) damping ratio, d.)----

HAL Questions given from the Reasoning section were average. From the technical Section questions lie between the PSU level and the Gate Level. Will post other question if I could Recall 
Best of Luck to all the candidates