GPSC Question-Paper |   1337

GPSC Question-Paper

                                     Gujarat PSC Exam Paper for Agriculture Officer

1. Field water use efficiency is calculated by
(B) WUE = Y/C 
(C) WUE = Y/WR
(D) None of these 

2. To separate Mustard from Wheat the recommended separator is
(A) Indented cylinder separator
(B) Specific gravity separator
(C) Spiral separator
(D) Air Screen separator

3. The least effective vegetation for protecting the soil from erosion is
(A) Tall tree crops 
(B) Dense grass 
(C) Low light crops with big leaves 
(D) Grain crops

4. Farm ponds are designed based on the consideration of
(A) Lesser water depth over a larger spreading area 
(B) Lesser water depth over a lesser spreading area 
(C) Greater water depth and lesser open surface area
(D) Greater water depth and greater open surface area

5. The contour cultivation is most effective on slope
(B) 3 to 8%
(A) 15%
(D) 15 to 20%
(C) 10 to 15%

6. Moving around the Web from one site to another is referred as
(A) Linking
(B) Navigating 
(C) Hopping
(D) Paging

7. The letter 'b' in the production function, Y = a+bx is
(A) Dependent variable 
(B) Independent variable
(C) Intercept 
(D) None of the above

8. How many thousand eggs are produced by Honey bee queen per day ?
(A) 0.5 - 1.5 
(B) 2.0 - 3.0
(C) 4.0 -4.5 
(D) 5.0-5.5

9. In a normal distribution
(A) Mean and median are equal 
(B) Mean and mode are equal 
(C) Median and mode are equal 
(D) Mean, median and mode are equal 

10. The terms 'Isotops' mean 
(A) Same number of neutrons 
(B) Same number of electrons 
(C) Same number of protons 
(D) None of the above 

11. Mango mealy bug is
(A) Apsilla sp. 
(B) Drosicha sp.
(C) Virachola sp. 
(D) None of the above

12. Which one of the following is to be suggested in case of failure of a manually operated sprayer to retain pressure ? 
(A) Tightening of loose nuts and clamps and replacement of Gaskets 
(B) Opening the nozzle and cleaning its various parts especially the orifice 
(C) Straightening the plunger rod if found bent 
(D) Tightening of the lid of the tank, replacement of the Gasket, if necessary 

13. Measurement of Sunlight intensity is expressed in
(A) Calories 
(B) Millibars
(C) Lux units 
(D) Megajoules

14. Aflatoxin in groundnut is resulting of
(A) Alternaria 
(B) Staphylococcus aureus
(C) Fusarium 
(D) Aspergillus flavus

15. NABARD Act was passed in
(A) 1982 
(B) 1878
(C) 1981 
(D) 1979

16. Pilot seed crop insurance scheme was introduced from the Rabi season
(A) 1991-92 
(B) 1999-2000
(C) 2001-2002 
(D) 2009-2010

17. Agriculture clinic and Agriculture business centres scheme was launched in the year
(A) 1998 
(B) 2002
(C) 2004 
(D) 2010

18. Kishan call centre answering farmers queries during the time
(A) From 6.00 AM to 10.00 AM on all 7 dyas a week
(B) From 6.30 AM to 6.30 PM on 6 days a week 
(C) From 5.30 AM to 8.30 PM on 5 days a week
(D) From 6.15 AM to 7.15 PM on all 7 days a week

19. Scientific study of birds is known as
(A) Limnology 
(B) Herpetology
(C) Malacology 
(D) Ornithology

20. The apex body to approve State Extension Work Plan is
(A) State level sanctioning committee(SLSC)
(B) State Extension Work Plan (SWEP)
(C) State Agriculture Plan (SAP)
(D) State Nodel Cell (SNC)

21. Puppet show in village as a method for transfer of technology is an example of
(A) Mass Media 
(B) Group Media
(C) Individual Media 
(D) Trible Media

22. Site useful for insertion of foreign DNA
(A) Initiation of replication site of DNA 
(B) Termination site of DNA 
(C) Clevage site 
(D) None of the above 

23. In tomato, antifreeze gene has been transferred from
(A) Arabidopsis 
(B) Fish
(C) Chicken 
(D) Duck

24. The process of differentiation of root and shoot from somatic embryos in culture mediam is called
(A) Gametogenesis 
(B) Sporogenesis
(C) Organogenesis 
(D) Embryogenesis

25. A new variety which is to be registered under PVP Act is called
(A) Example variety 
(B)Extent variety
(C) Reference variety 
(D)Candidate variety

26. In which one of the following store grain pest, only larvae cause damage?
(A) Khapra beetle 
(B)Rice weevil
(C) Red flour beetle 
(D)All the above

27. In cotton drying and dropping of terminal shoots during preflowering stage followed by shedding of squares and bolls is caused by
(A) Helicoverpa armigera 
(B) Pectinophorag ossipillae
(C) Spodopteralitura 
(D) Earias Vitella

28. Trichogramma minutes is
(A) Larval parasite 
(B) Pupal parasite
(C) Egg parasite 
(D) Adult parasite

29. Yellow vein mosaic of okra is caused by
(A) Gemini virus 
(B) Poty virus
(C) Potex virus 
(D) Como virus

30. Alternate host of bajara rust is
(A) Wheat 
(B) Brinjal
(C) Groundnut 
(D) Barberry

31. Domestic quarantine exist in India for
(A) Potato scab 
(B) Potato virus
(C) Potato wart 
(D) Potato lateblight

32. Which fungicide is recommended for control of phytophthora blight of sesame ?
(A) Carbendazim 
(B) Ridomil MZ
(C) Hexaconzole 
(D) Propiconazole

33. The concept of minimum tillage was started in
(A) U.S.A. 
(B) Switzerland
(C) India 
(D) Germany

34. Which of the following organism fix nitrogen under anaerobic condition ?
(A) Rhizobium 
(B) Blue green alga
(C) Azotobactor 
(D) Azospirillum

35. Potassium deficiency symptoms in plants 'appear in first in
(A) Lower most leaves 
(B) Upper most leaves
(C) Middle leaves 
(D) All of these