Google Inc. Candidate-Experiences Contributed by SOWMYA NAIR updated on Jul 2021
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Google Candidate Experiences

                                             Google Candidate Experiences

The online test consists of 4 modules.For each module a timer is set (at the right hand side bottom of the screen).Total time given is 40 minutes.

Module 1:English (duration 5 min).
It consists of a single passage followed by 5 questions.

Module 2:General aptitude(duration 10 min)
It consists of 6 questions based on simple logics. For eg:1)'Z' was invited by his brother 'A' to attend his daughter 'B's birthday party who was busy dancing with her brother 'C'.
What is 'Z' to 'C'?
d)No relation at all
ANS:- a, Uncle.
In a similar way questions based on relations, cost etc etc were asked.

Module 3:-Technical questions(duration 15 min)
It consists of 15 questions where some are web based, html, protocals etc etc.
For this section going through COMPUTER NETWORKS subject will be helpful to a great extent.

Module 4:-Test on Analysis(duration 10 min)
This section is the most time consuming one.Here we are asked to Rate certain sites along with an explanation. The images of these sites are also provided to us for a clear view and better understanding.

The completion of this section(on time)is entirely based on your typing speed and at the same time you have to be good at assesing.

Wishing u all luck...................................