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Godrej Interview Questions

                                  Godrej Industries Ltd Interview Questions

HR Interview Questions:

* Introduce yourself

* Tell me your strenghts and weakness

* Do you have any hobbies? What do you do in your spare time? 

* Why do you want to join Godrej Industries Ltd ?

* Have you ever fired anyone? How did you handle it?

* Have you ever worked under pressure? Give example.

* If you think a work should be done in a particular way while the other person thinks that it should be done the other way, what would you do to resolve the conflict?

* If you are a team leader and one of your team member is not able to meet his targets on a regular basis. You discussed it with him and tried all measures to improve his performance in that role but nothing works. What would you do?

* If you face a problem with your own performance, what would you do?