GK First in Space-General Knowledge Questions and Answers

GK-First in Space-General Knowledge Questions and Answers

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Space Related General Knowledge Questions Answers

1 The first cosmonaut to spend about 17½ days in space endurance flight
* Adrin Nikolayev and Vitaly Sevastyanosov in soyuz-9 (June 1, 1970)

2 The first person in the world to land on the moon
* Neil A. Armstrong and Edwin E. Adrin Jr. of U.S.A. Armstrong was the first to set foot on the moon followed by Aldrin. July 21, 1969.

3 The first man to enter space
* Major Yuri Gagarin (Russian)

4 The first woman cosmonaut of the world
* Velentina Tereshkova

5 The first American astronaut to float in space
* Edward White

6 The first unmanned spaceship to have soft landed and lifted off from the moon to return to the earth
* Luna-16 (U.S.S.R.) September 21, 1970

7 The first manned space vehicle to land on the moon
* Lunar Exploration Module (LEM) nick-named ‘Eagle’

8 The first spaceship which carried three American astronauts to land two of them on the moon
* Apollo-11

9 The first country to send man to the moon
* U.S.A.

10 The first space-vehicle to orbit the moon
* Luna-10 (U.S.S.R.)

11 The first unmanned moon buggy to explore surface of the moon
* Lunakhod-1 (U.S.S.R.)

12 The first space rocket brought back to earth after orbiting the moon
* Zond-5

13 First crew transfer between the orbiting spaceships
* Soyuz T-15 with Mir Space Station

14 The first mission of a linking-up in space by manned spaceships of U.S.A. and Soviet Union
* Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Mission (ASTP) (launched on July 15 and linked up in space on July 17, 1975)

15 India’s first scientific satellite
* Aryabhatta

16 The first man to fly into space belonging to a country other than Russia or the U.S.A.
* Vladimir

17 Russia’s first spaceship with international crew on board.
* Remek (Czechoslovakia)

18 The first country to send nuclear powered space craft to explore Jupiter
* U.S.A.

19 The first Indian to go into space

* Rakesh Sharma

20 The first American astronaut to make two space flights
* Gordon Cooper (U.S.A.)

21 The first country to launch a cosmic space rocket towards moon
* U.S.S.R.

22 The first space rocket to hit the moon
* Lunik II

23 The first spaceship in the world to sample moon’s crust
* Surveyor-3 (U.S.A.)

24 The first space vehicle to soft land on moon
* Luna-9 (U.S.S.R.)

25 The first manned spaceship to perform the longest stay in space (11 days)
* Apollo-7 (U.S.A.)

26 The first manned spaceship to perform space flight round the moon
* Apollo-8 (U.S.A.)

27 The first American manned spaceship to perform crew transfer in space
* Apollo-9 (U.S.A.)

28 The first woman of Indian origin in space

* Kalpana Chawla

29 The first residents on the International Space Station
* Bill shepherd (U.S.A.),Yuri Gidzenko and Sergei Krikalev (Russia)

30 The first space tourist in the world
* Dennis Tito (U.S.A.)

31 The first European woman to international Space Station
* Claudie Haignere (French cosmonaut)

32 The first space tourist of S. Africa and second of the world
* Mark Shuttleworth (April 2002)

33 The first US space shuttle to explode while returning home killing all the astronauts
* Columbia (February 1, 2003)

34 China’s first man in space
* Yang Liwei

35 European Space Agency’s first moon probe craft

36 America’s first Mission to Saturn
* Cassini Spacecraft (Reached Saturn’s orbit in July 2004)

37 First private, manned spacecraft
* Spaceship One (Launched on June 21, 2004)

38 First European space probe landing on the surface of the Saturnian Moon Titan
* Huygens (January 15, 2005)

39 India’s first Mapping Satellite
* CARTOSAT-I (Launched on May 5, 2005)

40 The first spacecraft to touch the surface of a comet
* NASA’s Deep Impact hit its comet target temple-I (July 4, 2005)

41 The first Japanese spacecraft to get down to an asteroid and collect samples from there
* Hayabusa (November 2005, Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

42 The first Probe Mission to planet Pluto
* New Horizons (U.S. launched on January 19, 2006)

43 The first space woman to stay for the longest ever Perivale of time in space
* Sunita Williams

44 The first lunar orbiter of China
* Chang’e-I (Lauched on October 24, 2007 from Xichang Satellite Launch Centre of South-Western Sichuan Province)

45 The first successful moon mission of India
* Chandrayan-I (October 22, 2008)

46 The US software pioneer who became the first person to travel twice to space as a tourist
* Charles Simonyi (March 26, 2009)