Geodesic Informations Systems Limited Technical-C Contributed by Leena updated on Jan 2021


Geodesic's on-campus Recruitment @ Salem !!!


(i) The Criteria given to us is to have an Aggregate of 70% with no pendingarrears.
(ii) Only CSE,ECE and IT Departments were allowed to attend. 

 Total attended - 196
Cleared Written - 11

The Preplacement Talk started for us by 9.00am in the morning. There were some interesting facts in it,so be sure to listen it. After the PPT,we are sent for the written test.

Unlike other companies, Geodesic had a very different written pattern. There were 2 Sections,
1) Algorithms and Logical Thinking
2) C Questions

1) Algorithms and Logical Thinking:
 There were three questions in this sections.Each carries 5 marks. Ur Solution to the problem must be an optimal one.
q1) There was a plane which should satisfy the condt 0