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Genpact Interview Questions

                                              Genpact Interview Questions

Tech Round:

Q. Explain working of npn transistor.

Q. What is multivibrator?

Q. Diff. between flip-flop & latch.

Q. De-morgan’s law.

Q. Sorting algorithms and efficiency.

Q. 8085 program (sorting)

Q. Many qns from dbms – normalisation and all forms,foreign key,ref. integrity,func. dependency, data mining, data warehouses, deadlocks ,SQL query etc.

Q. Diff. between C & C++.

Q. OOP concepts-abstraction,polymorphism,inheritence etc.

Q. Diff. between 8085 & 8086.

H.R. round:

Q. Introduce yourself.

Q. Tell about your native place.

Q. What is your hobby?

Q. Why you want to join this company?

Q. What do you know about company?

Q. Where do you see urself after 5 yrs?

Q. What salary are you expecting?

Q. Why should i hire you?

Q. What will you do if we dont select you?

Q. Why do you want to switch into IT sector?

Q. Rate interviewer on the scale of 10.

Q. Are you comfortable with relocation?

Q. Do you have any qn. to ask?