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Genpact Candidate-Experiences

Genpact new placement paper pattern and latest placement papers of this years campus recruitment placement drive procedure. Genpact placement recruitment experiences shared by different candidates all over India.Genpact recruitment procedure consists Genpact written test Genpact Telephonic interview procedure, technical and hr interview procedure of Genpact

Genpact Placement recruitment drive Interview Experience 

Hi, I'm  D.I.E.T.from Visakhapatnam

I would like to share my first interview experience with Genpact. First we were shortlisted through Globerina from individual colleges. And then all the short listed students had further rounds at Sankethika College,

J. A. M round where they filtered around 45 from around 240 students. Just concentrate on pronunciation and rate of speech.

Genpact Written test procedure
Quant, English, logical ability quant was very easy just the basics logical ability was also English passages, phrases ie alternative for the bold phrases something like that.
Then 2 synonyms. Logical ability: blood relations-2, directions-2and just general).

Genpact Telephonic Interview.
Hr :hello what's your name?
Me: My name is.

Hr: Tell me about yourself?
Me: Told.

Hr: Then asked questions from it and asked about my college why have you selected it.
Me: Told.

we were given a set of passages.

Hr: Asked to read the passage nno.
Me: Read (around 4-5 lines).

Hr: Its nice talking to you.
Me: Thank you mam,

And the results were announced I got selected feeling very happy.
Hope this is helpful to you and.

All The Best!