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Genpact Aptitude Questions

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1. If on an item a company gives 25% discount, they earn 25% profit. If they now give 10% discount then what is the profit percentage.
(a) 40% 
(b) 55% 
(c) 35% 
(d) 30% 
(Ans. D)

2. A certain number of men can finish a piece of work in 10 days. If however there were 10 men less it will take 10 days more for the work to be finished. How many men were there originally?
(a) 110 men 
(b) 130 men 
(c) 100 men 
(d) none of these 
(Ans. A)

3. In simple interest what sum amounts of Rs.1120/- in 4 years and Rs.1200/- in 5 years ?
(a) Rs. 500
(b) Rs. 600 
(c) Rs. 800 
(d) Rs. 900 
(Ans. C)

4. If a sum of money compound annually amounts of thrice itself in 3 years. In how many years will it become 9 times itself.
(a) 6 
(b) 8 
(c) 10 
(d) 12 
(Ans A)

5. Two trains move in the same direction at 50 kmph and 32 kmph respectively. A man in the slower train observes the 15 seconds elapse before the faster train completely passes by him. What is the length of faster train ?
(a) 100m 
(b) 75m 
(c) 120m 
(d) 50m 
(Ans B)

6. How many mashes are there in 1 squrare meter of wire gauge if each mesh is 8mm long and 5mm wide ?
(a) 2500 
(b) 25000 
(c) 250 
(d) 250000 
(Ans B)

7. x% of y is y% of ?
(a) x/y 
(b) 2y 
(c) x 
(d) can't be determined 
Ans. C

8. The price of sugar increases by 20%, by what % should a housewife reduce the consumption of sugar so that expenditure on sugar can be same as before ?
(a) 15% 
(b) 16.66% 
(c) 12% 
(d) 9% 
(Ans B)

9. A man spends half of his salary on household expenses, 1/4th for rent, 1/5th for travel expenses, the man deposits the rest in a bank. If his monthly deposits in the bank amount 50, what is his monthly salary ?
(a) Rs.500 
(b) Rs.1500 
(c) Rs.1000 
(d) Rs. 900 
(Ans C)

10. 15 men take 21 days of 8 hrs. each to do a piece of work. How many days of 6 hrs. each would it take for 21 women if 3 women do as much work as 2 men?
a) 10% 
b) 6% 
c) 8% 
d) 9% 
(Ans 8%)

11. An article sold at amount of 50% the net sale price is rs 425 .what is the list price of the article?
a) 500 
b) 488 
c) 480 
d) 510 
(Ans 500)

12. How many squares with sides 1/2 inch long are needed to cover a rectangle that is 4 ft long and 6 ft wide
(a) 24 
(b) 96 
(c) 3456 
(d) 13824 
(e) 14266

13. A works thrice as much as B. If A takes 60 days less than B to do a work then find the number of days it would take to complete the work if both work together?
Ans. 22 days

14. How many 1's are there in the binary form of 8*1024 + 3*64 + 3 
Ans. 4

15. A student is ranked 13th from right and 8th from left. How many students are there in totality ?

16. A man walks east and turns right and then from there to his left and then 45degrees to his right.In which direction did he go 
(Ans. North west)

17. A student gets 70% in one subject, 80% in the other. To get an overall of 75% how much should get in third subject.

18. A man shows his friend a woman sitting in a park and says that she the daughter of my grandmother's only son.What is the relation between the two?
Ans. Daughter

19. The population of a city increases @ 4% p.a. There is an additional annual increase of 4% of the population due to the influx of job seekers, find the % increase in population after 2 years ?

20. The ratio of the number of boys and girls in a school is 3:2 Out of these 10% the boys and 25% of girls are scholarship holders. % of students who are not scholarship holders.?

21. If a man buys 1 lt of milk for Rs.12 and mixes it with 20% water and sells it for Rs.15, then what is the percentage of gain?

22. Pipe A can fill a tank in 30 mins and Pipe B can fill it in 28 mins.If 3/4th of the tank is filled by Pipe B alone and both are opened, how much time is required by both the pipes to fill the tank completely ?